Gen Bobick Discredits CAP Whistleblower

Florida Wing

By Ted | AuxBeacon News Contributor

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This is another example (of many) in where CAP corporate discredits the whistleblower. It is a dirty tactic used by CAP commanders to keep Congress and the authorities at bay. Whistleblowers are labeled as “disgruntled members”, “nutcases” and stripped of any creditability. As a result, crimes and other violations are swept under the rug.

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Skip [Munger] writes the information to which he has access, and CAP has traditionally been very close with any information which is even arguably adverse. This long predates the “individual” of whom you speak, but he was the first to bring Machiavellian technique into the fray. Florida was a mess, with at least two antagonistic factions who alternated in power and whose first priority was trashing the other side when they *did* get in power. The “individual” did manage to “clean up” Florida Wing, but many times he succeeded in throwing out the baby with the bath water. What remains now is to try to rebuild the Wing. That may be more difficult than purging it.

I am glad to see that an IG of your personal integrity was assigned to the Swat Team incident, and I fully credit your assertion that there was more to it than was published. That has not always been the case, frequently depending on the loyalties of the alleged offenders. I was intimately involved in the Fealy Case defending the complaining cadet from a 2B. I have no idea of the relative merits of the case other than I was successful in getting the cadet, whose only offense was trying to file a complaint of abuse, reinstated.

I know there was a report filed with National, because I filed it. I know my report was swept under the rug, because I watched Gen Bobick sweep it under. I did not become a “disgruntled former member” until I had my membership renewal returned because “Florida Wing objected to my membership.” The alleged offender in that case has gone on to become a productive member of CAP. Meanwhile, I have watched myself characterized as a “disgruntled former member nutcase.” I assure you that I am not a nutcase, in fact, I am not even disgruntled. I am a former member.

Doug Johnson
[Miami Attorney and Retired USMC Pilot]

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