Gagged in Oklahoma Wing

CAP Col Dale E. Newell, CAP Col Al Bedgood, CAP Col Richard Greenwood
CAP Col Dale E. Newell, CAP Col Al Bedgood, CAP Col Richard Greenwood

By AuxBeacon News Staff

[Editor’s Note: Your individual contributions are very important in piecing together the truth of abuse, bullying and safety and ethics violations of self-aggrandizing Wing, Region and National Commanders.]

UPDATE: In 2019, Col Dale Newell was promoted to CAP’s Board of Governors by Maj Gen Mark Smith.

AuxBeacon received written and other evidence that CAP Col Dale E. Newell previously interfered with the filing of Inspector General complaints and information in support of ongoing investigations involving former Southeast Region Commander Col Al Bedgood, Georgia Wing Commander Col Richard Greenwood and Georgia Wing Vice Commander Lt Col Joseph Knight III.

In April of 2015, Dale E. Newell was made Wing Commander of Oklahoma Wing. Frequently, CAP Inspector Generals and investigating officers who bury IG complaints and perform other dirty deeds for CAP Commanders are often later rewarded with command positions.

Last month, Col Newell issued the following Gag Order and was then soundly rebuffed by Congressman Jim Bridenstine across Oklahoma Wing on Memorial Day.

3800 A Avenue Room 303, Mail Stop L-39
Tinker AFB Oklahoma 73145-9111

16 May 2016



SUBJECT: Memorial Day Honor Guard Event

1. I am hereby directing that you put a halt to all squadron generated publicity coverage of this event. This includes public affairs releases, social media postings, and statements to any media outlets. We cannot restrict direct coverage by broadcast or print media, but we can control what we release.

2. This directive is effective immediately, and includes the period before, during, and after the event.

3. Major David McCollum, Wing PAO, will be at the event. Should the media want to talk to someone from the wing, they should be directed to Major McCollum.

4. Any questions on this will be directed to me.

Dale E. Newell, Col, CAP


After taking the podium on Memorial Day, Congressman Jim Bridenstine made the following comments that select OKWG members appeared to appreciate.

It is an absolute honor to be here yet again this year.

I just want to start today by acknowledging the Civil Air Patrol the STARBASE COMPOSITE SQUADRON of the Civil Air Patrol who does this re-enactment so so well.

Can we get a big round of applause for the STARBASE COMPOSITE SQUADRON of the Civil Air Patrol?


There have been those [see above] who have suggested that maybe we ought not do this reenactment anymore. And some people have suggested that I as member of congress should weigh in and say that we should not do this reenactment anymore. That there is only one Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and it is in Arlington National Cemetery. Well that is absolutely true. There is one Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with the STARBASE COMPOSITE SQUADRON doing this reenactment every year as they have years and years and years and I want to say that I fully support them in this effort, that I will do everything I can to make sure that they continue to have the opportunity to honor the people who serve this country.

I would like to take it a step further and today I am offering a certificate of Special Congressional Recognition and this is presented to the Civil Air Patrol, to the STARBASE COMPOSITE SQUADRON in recognition of outstanding and invaluable service to this community, our community and our veterans.


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  1. JoHinckley | June 26, 2016 at 17:04 | Reply

    Dale E. Newell is an Ardmoreite, but I tell ya straight. Everything is not A OK.

  2. We know the story.

    The characters appointed during Pineda’s tenure have slandered and 2B’d so many members that there is now a critical mass of the abused that have begun to strike back with reports to congress and to your website.

    CAP is now everyone’s problem. When the old men go up in the air, they are unsafe. We don’t like this and they ARE dangerous.

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