Frank Says… on the Wreaths Across America Scam

CAP Col Frank Blazich
CAP Col Frank Blazich

By Helen Wheels | AuxBeacon News Contributor

The consensus opinion from charity evaluation and watch dog groups is that Wreaths Across America is not up to standards at best, an organization that dodges questions for a fact and a scam at worst.

In spite of this, Civil Air Patrol parasite Frank Blazich is now actively hawking the WAA product on their website by angling to tie the revenue scam to “living history education” for those unable to see through the ruse. Caveat emptor, let the buyer beware.

Using him as a parrot, the WAA website echoes what Squawking “Frank says”.

Frank says through living history enactors he sees a deliberate and earnest desire to learn about what things were like.

Frank says while he understands December weather may not be the coziest of environments in which to wear uniforms design for tropical combat he’d like to see more enactors from the Vietnam era participate in the WAA Living History project.

Frank says CAP has a group of committed members who have assembled vintage uniforms, primarily of the World War II era and they’ve participated in the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum’s World War II weekend held the first week in June in Reading, PA.

Frank says that he and the Wreaths Across America family hope you’ll join us as we remember, honor, and teach through living history.

As a result of the ignorant, arrogant and sometimes illegal acts of Civil Air Patrol commanders and members, the organization seems perpetually in need of money beyond membership dues to do something that they will not share with the taxpaying public that also helps fund them. This could involve paying off victim lawsuits or acquiring assets for missions of which the general public would not approve.

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4 Comments on "Frank Says… on the Wreaths Across America Scam"

  1. I’m sending you a story about the O’Hara-Morril Moonies.

  2. “Parasite” Blazich responded today with a story on CAP News to glorify that he is still relevant. It’s another one of his silly historical rants.–or-both/

  3. Frank says through living history enactors he sees a deliberate and earnest desire to learn about what things were like.

    But Mary Cummins said it better, this is Marketing disguised as Education.

  4. Just after you released this, more than one CAP member noticed that Doctor Evil Bird dropped some new CAP history documents into one of Civil Air Patrol’s Social Media History Groups.

    He’s workin’ it! He’s doling out docs on the stingy to keep himself relevant and combat any negative press on himself.

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