Former CAP Cadet Kicked Out of Army for Promoting Communism

Spenser Rapone in 2016. (AP)
Spenser Rapone in 2016. (AP)

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[Editor’s Note: Readers following Civil Air Patrol’s Jonathan Holder requested that AuxBeacon run this story.]


According to Spenser Rapone’s father, Spenser personified patriotism and in high school was a member of the Civil Air Patrol of the Lawrence County Composite Squadron in Pennsylvania Wing. He applied to be a West Point cadet and at that time he was not selected. He enlisted in the United States Army right out of high school. Later, he served as an Army Ranger and was deployed to Afghanistan on special mission. He applied once again to West Point and was accepted.

Rapone referred to Secretary Mattis as “the most vile, evil fuck in the current administration” and to the vice president as “a fucking medieval, cold-blooded killer.” He’s also tweeted that he’ll “happily” dance on Arizona Senator John McCain’s grave.

A West Point Grad Wrote ‘Communism will Win’ in his Cap. The Army Kicked Him Out.
by Alex Horton | The Washington Post

The alumni of the United States Military Academy at West Point span presidents, generals and astronauts in what its students call the Long Gray Line, a nod to the Army service academy’s central role in educating leaders years before they rise to prominence.

Spenser Rapone, 26, became notable a bit faster than most graduates.

On Monday, the Army’s 10th Mountain Division accepted the resignation of 2nd Lt Rapone less than a year after he posted photos of himself at his 2016 graduation, posing in a Che Guevara shirt under his uniform, along with a fist salute to underline a message written in his cap: “Communism will win.”

The photos, which Rapone posted to social media last September, created a fierce backlash, sparked death threats and drew calls from Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) to investigate Rapone’s online writing last fall. In response, West Point said in September that Rapone’s actions “in no way reflect the values of the U.S. Military Academy or the U.S. Army.”

Rapone, who was previously enlisted as an Army Ranger and served in Afghanistan before attending West Point and becoming an officer, told the Associated Press that he was reprimanded for conduct unbecoming an officer, and an investigation concluded that he advocated for a socialist revolution while insulting senior military officials.

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2 Comments on "Former CAP Cadet Kicked Out of Army for Promoting Communism"

  1. ABEvalTour | July 27, 2018 at 01:07 | Reply

    Spenser Rapone was a Civil Air Patrol member, and I personally knew this from reading an article in the Conservative Review when it first came out. This story is TRUE.

  2. Why did you back-date your release of this story?

    [Editors: This weblog reports on malfeasance in the US Air Force and its official auxiliary, the Civil Air Patrol. At the time Spenser Rapone was current news, we had not received any reader contributions indicating that he had been a Civil Air Patrol member. It was only AFTER Jonathan Holder drew CAP member and public attention to this fact that we received what we released. The US Army appears to have resolved the issue and the story is dated to the time that the final summary article appeared in the Wall Street Journal. We expect that most of our readers appreciate the usefulness of this chronicle and the reason for dating stories to the correct time and command period.]

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