Florida Parents Horrified at Irizarry as New Vice

CAP Memes: Irizarry Vice
Henry Irizarry has a dirty history with Civil Air Patrol, so we promote him.

By Palm Beatch Grabber | AuxBeacon News Contributor

[Editor’s Note: In recent years, many quality people have left Civil Air Patrol. In the absence of quality leadership, others are ready willing able to step up to the plate. Thank you for your contribution.]


I’m sending this to your contact form in case your comments are being filtered. You should do an announcement about the fact that Civil Air Patrol is hurting so badly for people that Henry Irizarry is now the Southeast Region VICE commander and will soon have access to Mar-A-Lago. The running joke now is that Henry Irizarry and Kevin McSparron could stand here in the middle of Worth Avenue and shoot your husband and grab your Civil Air Patrol cadet daughter’s TACO and they wouldn’t lose their positions.


We’ve covered Irizarry’s oversight of pornography and moral turpitude in the past. Here it is again.

Florida Wing Officers in the Porn Business

News of the Force [exposed] this week that two members of the Florida Wing of the Civil Air Patrol – one who most recently served as the 2015 Summer Encampment Commander, and the other a former Florida Wing Drug Demand Officer, were both porn stars in the hardcore porn industry and admitted they were ‘recreational drug users.’ The two members in question were former Lt Col Kevin McSparron and former Maj Heather McSparron.

In addition to serving as the Wing’s Encampment Commander at least three times under the command of Col Irizarry, most recently last summer, Lt Col McSparron also served as head of the Cadet Special Activities Board, the Wing’s Cadet Competition, Color Guard Academy (twice) and the Regional Cadet Leadership School (also twice), all under Col Irizarry’s command. At the 2014 Wing Conference the photographer hired for the conference was…you guessed it, Lt Col Kevin McSparron,” the writer told us.”

The McSparrons “are still in the CAP, and have not even been suspended,” one source told us. Heather is a porn star and has appeared in over 20 movies. She also states in her profile that she wants to have sex with “young guys.” Heather’s porn star name is “nikkikay22.” Sources have also reported to News of the Force that both the Florida Wing Commander [Col Henry Irizarry] and the Southeast Region Commander [Col Barry Melton] are aware of this, but have taken NO action.

Command Support for Moral Turpitude in Florida Wing

Lt Col McSparron’s wife Maj Heather McSparron, the Squadron Cadet Drug Demand Reduction Officer is on Twitter involved in hardcore porn while CAP Command has taken no action.

Former CAP Major Heather McSparron

Heather McSparron, Former Member Civil Air Patrol

Disappointment in Florida Wing

Apparently, your last news story about the CAP’s Florida Wing has gained Civil Air Patrol National Headquarters’ attention,” a source has told NOTF. ” The rats have been jumping off the Florida Wing ship for many years now and they (at NHQ) want to know why. Squadrons once with a hundred people are now at all time lows.

National Headquarters does read News of the Force and they are concerned about the CAP’s appearance to Congress – many members of which also reads your wrap and funds the CAP.

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2 Comments on "Florida Parents Horrified at Irizarry as New Vice"

  1. All that is required for evil to prevail is that good men do nothing.

  2. NOTF – 02/26/16

    Sources tell News of the Force that a CAP unit in the Florida Wing, under the command of Col. Henry Irizarry, has an incident recently in which an apparent senior member officer of the Civil Air Patrol decided to fire off live rounds from an AK-47 assault rifle. Sources said one of the bullets went through a tent occupied by a 13-year-old female cadet, missing the cadet by mere inches. And, the sources say, that no action was taken against the “active shooter.”

    And a reader wrote today: “Hi News of the Force, Within the past week we have heard more information about the dirty laundry of the Civil Air Patrol’s Florida Wing. It is just like being in a third world country to be in the Florida Wing. The wing is the epitome of corruption, yet we drone along wasting membership opportunities and membership numbers are down. We have pornography queens running amuck in the wing. Now we hear the child porn victim is suing the CAP for damages.

    In the latest Cadet Protection modules which all CAP senior members have to take, there is a lot of discussion regarding cultivation of cadets for later acts as an adult. Seems we forgot Lt. Col. Steve Governale grooming cadets and going to a secret liaison with what turned out to be FBI agents thinking he was going to have a trist with CAP cadets. On the 75th anniversary of the CAP, we have a lot to show Congress. Child pornography, safety violations and corruption.”

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