Florida CAP’s Pornographic Priestess Resurfaces

Heather McSparron

By L8r G8r | AuxBeacon News Contributor

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Dear AuxBeacon,

With Jeffrey Epstein and DynCorp in the news, it may interest you to know that Heather McSparron is circulating a resume online that spins her experience touting contributions to Civil Air Patrol.

As you and your readers know from past stories on Skip Munger’s New of the Force and from Florida Wing Saga on Facebook, McSparron’s ten year plus service with the Civil Air Patrol was coupled with the promotion of drug use and casual sex. Under the high-flying call sign of CherBWilling, Heather did the pornography while her husband and CAP leader, Kevin McSparron coordinated many of the scenes. They were both in frequent contact with cadets. Parents and members made multiple complaints over a period of time, but all were ignored until Skip Munger of News of the Force made it known to the public. They were never disciplined. They quietly left the ranks in 2016.

On July 2nd 2019, I found her resume and the following statements:

Being a Drug Demand Reduction Administrator at Civil Air Patrol, Heather McSparron has always been well versed with wing planning and execution of drug demand reduction program.

Being highly professional, Heather McSparron possessed a deep knowledge of the nature of substance use.

Always focused on drug abuse education, prevention and awareness, Heather McSparron has been a drug demand reduction administrator who provided positive activities as an alternative to the drugs and gang violence. From 18-20 January 2008, all cadets and senior members in Florida Wing joined their hands together to participate in Special Activities Selection Board at Patrick Air Force Base. Along with the assistance of Heather McSparron, this event comprised of many areas of competition, right from boards to athletic challenges and academic evaluation. All through her hard work and dedication, Heather received various awards and accomplishments. She was awarded with Circle of Excellence Award for the Cadet Programs and Grover Loening Aerospace Award.


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From February 2016 on News of the Force:
“The McSparron’s “are still in the CAP, and have not even been suspended,” one source told us. Heather is a porn star and has appeared in over 20 movies. She also states in her profile that she wants to have sex with “young guys.” Heather’s porn star name is “nikkikay22.” Sources have also reported to News of the Force that both the Florida Wing Commander [Col Henry Irizarry] and the Southeast Region Commander [Col Barry Melton] are aware of this, but have taken NO action.”

Heather McSparron Served at “Various Positions” at Civil Air Patrol

Civil Air Patrol has evolved into a premier public service organization that carries out emergency service missions when required. It is there to search for and find the lost, provide comfort in times of disaster and work to keep the homeland safe. CAP members selflessly devote their time, energy and expertise towards the well-being of their communities. Considering the fact, Civil Air Patrol adopted the drug demand reduction strategy with a mission to promote as a positive community service lifestyle.

Formerly involved as a volunteer member at Civil Air Patrol from 2006-2016, Heather McSparron served at various positions including Finance Officer, Public Affairs Officer, Admin/Personnel, Testing Officer, DDR (Drug Demand Reduction) Officer, and Squadron Commander.

Being a Drug Demand Reduction Officer, Heather McSparron was highly aware of the wing level planning and execution of drug demand reduction program. She just made it sure that this program promoted Civil Air Patrol as a positive community service lifestyle. Overall, she was committed towards making Civil Air Patrol a drug-free organization that promoted and supported education and social responsibility.

Due to her “outstanding performance”, Heather McSparron received various awards. Have a look at the list of awards she has received –

· Squadron Volunteer Member of the Year award 2006
· Circle of Excellence in Cadet Programs and Exceptional service award in 2007
· Certificate of Appreciation for Summer Encampment in 2008
· Group 4 Certificate of Appreciation as Finance Officer in 2008
· Certificate of Appreciations Group 4 Banquet Committee in 2008
· Florida Wing Commanders Commendation (Special Activities) in 2008
· Florida Wing Commanders Commendation (Winter Encampment) in 2008
· TACO of encampment (Award selected by Cadets)
· Certificate of Appreciation Group 4 Banquet Committee in 2009
· Benjamin O Davis Jr Award (Level 2 Professional Development ) 2010
and many more

Pertaining to the skills Heather has developed while serving at “different positions” in Civil Air Patrol, she completed the mentoring courses and participated in assessments including The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

Regarding her education credentials, Heather McSparron is currently pursuing Bachelors in Business Management at Purdue University Global. Besides, she attended Everest University for 2 years while working. She transferred the credits to Purdue and began the online courses while in Iraq.

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4 Comments on "Florida CAP’s Pornographic Priestess Resurfaces"

  1. I knew some of those cadets who moved to get her the TACO award mostly because they wanted to munch on her’s. Bleech, queso.

  2. Jeffrey Epstein trafficked underage girls using aircraft of the same tail number and during the same time period as DynCorp when they trafficked underage girls.

    It is interesting to note that Heather McSparron worked for DynCorp.

  3. The members of Florida Wing for example have been shouting, begging, and pleading for someone at NHQ to fix the rampant corruption in that Wing’s leadership. Now, we know why that never happened. Just before I transferred out of that Wing in utter disgust, a CAP member who ran a porn website that showed young (very young) adults in nude suicide poses, and whose CAP wife also posed nude on the site admitted on the webpage that both her and her husband enjoy smoking pot.

    Who was his wife by the way? Get ready, she was the Florida Wing Drug Demand Reduction Officer! This freak show was appointed by the FL Wing Commander [Col Henry Irizarry] as the 2015 FLWG summer encampment Commander AFTER the FL Wing Commander was notified of his online website! His online activities were no secret to FLWG members, as I know at least THREE people who told me they filed Form 30’s on this member for the website between 2014 and 2015. I was even shown an email to the Wing Commander from a parent whose son attended his squadron for a short time, who emailed a list of complaints about this member to the Wing Commander. That email mentioned his porn site as well as his facebook page that had cadets ‘friended’ where he advertised a “Nude Night” competition.

    In another case a few months before the 2015 encampment, cadets were caught accessing his porn site on their smartphone at a FLWG activity to look at nude photos of his wife who was a staff member at the activity! Squadron Commanders who knew, or knew of this guy refused to send their cadets to the encampment and a flood of out-of-state encampment requests were sent in to FLWG. The FL Wing Commander got so many requests that when the question was brought up at a town hall meeting at the 2015 FL Wing Conference just before the encampment that “No one is taking MY cadets out of MY wing!”, and subsequently denied the majority (if not all) of the requests, forcing the cadets who needed an encampment for promotion to attend an encampment ran by a porn-addicted, pot smoking sick-o.

    Thank the Lord that member finally left, but only after the news of this guy’s online activity and pot smoking was leaked by a third-party media outlet and a package with graphic photos from the site and site quotes were sent to several congressional members the day before the CAP congressional meetings! Either NHQ or the Wing Commander forced him out to save face, and claimed in an email to the FLWG members that action was taken “immediately upon discovering this problem”, but make no mistake, the evidence is there that NHQ, SER and the Florida Wing CC knew of this problem for at least nine months prior but was concerned about “first amendment rights”.

    The FLWG CC [Henry Irizarry] claims he didn’t know about any of this prior to the Congressional day visit, but if that was the case (and it’s not) then he is is inadvertently admitting to covering up the Form 30’s; one of which I can confirm was submitted because I was shown the email sent to the Wing IG and copied the Wing CC. Either he buried the Form 30, or he knew about this walking cadet protection violation and still appointed him the Commander of a major cadet activity. You can’t have it both ways.

    Again, everyone knows this. It’s the talk behind his back. The only people they are fooling is themselves. It’s time to own up and admit there is a problem. It’s time to fire the leadership who’s names you keep hearing over and over again from those “pesky common-folk members”. It turns out they were right all along.

    • It’s hard for me to imagine any wing being worse than Florida Wing [FLWG]. Such a cesspool. It was so tiresome to work within the system to get basic things done, and when you succeeded they would find a way to knock you down a peg or two. I won’t be back, and when my kids are old enough they won’t be joining either.

      There have been, and still are, honorable people sticking it out around FLWG, but the ones who truly hold all the cards are awful (and have been for years now). You think I want my kids exposed to that dumpster fire? Not on your life. Adios FLWG!

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