Desperate CAP Promotes Paper Goats for Aerospace Education

Maj Robert Ray Hill, John Doe
Maj Robert Ray Hill, John Doe

By AuxBeacon News Staff

[Editor’s Note: We received this photo set and transcript that exposes a continuing culture problem in Civil Air Patrol. It appears to have started with a comment out of Ohio Wing. At the request of those who assembled the initial research, we have used redaction to prevent any reprisal.]

PersonX: A CAP member from [redacted] found this today and recommended I tell my [family member] to be careful with [redacted]. Does anyone have info on this new CAP Major “Dr” “Bishop” Robert Ray Hill?

CAP Major Robert Ray Hill

PersonY: Yeah, sad. With all the molestation, accidents, coverups, suicides and bad press, CAP is getting desperate over the mass-exit of qualified people. CAP/NHQ leadership is now allowing unaccredited goativersity graduates to work the cadet STEM programs for Jeff Montgomery. A simple web search will show who and what these guys are.

PersonX: This is disturbing. He embarrassed the USAF by calling for the nuking of Nigeria while presenting himself in blues?


PersonZ: Careful! If you say anything or give any indication of your concern they will close ranks against you and blackmail you. They believe they outnumber you. We are learning about their tactics from underground forum chatter on the threats in Idaho Wing, Hawaii, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina and Maine Wings. People are getting angry and motivated to action.

PersonY: Look at the url on his fb page. He calls himself a “military hero”. Sigh.

PersonZ: Seriously! I would send this material directly to AuxBeacon or NOTF, WITHOUT ever communicating to your commanders. The IG system is broken and used to silence and intimidate, not correct abuse problems. Be sure to request that AuxB not reveal your identity or location to avoid the kind of psychotic retaliation that we talked about previously.

PersonY: He sometimes poses with weapons. Can you recognize this firearm?


PersonZ: There is a forum online that discusses his diploma and affiliations.

Now that we have a proper federal definition of the term “diploma mill” it is possible to identify Mr. Hill as the U.S. distributor for the “World Information Distributed University” diploma mill as well as a “professor” at the “American University of London” diploma mill and the “West Coast University” diploma mills. At various times he has claimed degrees from the “Universite Francophone Robert de Sorbon” diploma mill, the “International University of Fundamental Studies” diploma mill, and others.

I do not believe that Mr. Hill’s opinions regarding curriculum delivery deserve serious consideration.

George Gollin, Professor of Physics at University of Illinois, at 4:55 am EDT

PersonX: How did he get to CAP Major so fast?

PersonZ: I would guess skills promotion to Captain or Major based on his unaccredited doctorate degree in higher education. Apparently, a desperate Civil Air Patrol failed to investigate?

PersonA: Check out this energetic rant from Bishop Hill! “I know you are well educated. My Mommy and Daddy never paid my way to Harvard and Princeton. For an intelligent man, you are a real idiot! I plan on reporting your university’s condoning of your use of a Illinois funded domain to the Illinois Attorney General’s Office as well as to various people in the media… I have inherited a huge sum of money and will use it if necessary to put a stop to your actions…Oh and by the way, did I tell you I am a licensed private investigator as well.”

PersonY: “13 Investigates asked Hill the benefit of a degree that is not accredited or recognized in the United States. Before he could respond the call was disconnected.”

PersonX: I will send all this to AuxBeacon, their format is easier on the eyes. Should I let them see our names or censor before sending?

PersonZ: Your academic quals and authentic [redacted] grade are very impressive, so if you submit this story using your name it would boost the credibility and AuxB will take the story seriously. Be sure to tell them not to use our names or any identifying info because we are supposedly gagged under CAP regs as members. Just let the accumulated artwork speak for itself.

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10 Comments on "Desperate CAP Promotes Paper Goats for Aerospace Education"

  1. Please see the weirdness of “military hero” Robert Ray Hill wearing his CAP uniform in Philippines. Phony!

    [link redacted]

  2. Check out the link below to see what this “Paper Goat” has been up to lately. He does not represent the values of a CAP Chaplain.

    [Link Redacted]

  3. MAJOR Robert Ray Hill is just your run of the mill shill for a series of phony international schools. His ramblings are utter nonsense.

    Every time I come across him, he’s touting a new school. Coincidentally, he holds a title such as Dean, Chancellor, President, Vice-President, Rector, Director, etc; similar to the “grand” positions in the Civil Air Patrol. I have seen a number of versions of his academic credentials and other than his legitimate B.S. from Excelsior, the rest aren’t worth the paper on which they are printed.

    Robert Ray Hill’s use of “military hero” for his facebook address is typical of what we expect from Civil Air Patrol Members.

  4. Goat Herder | August 5, 2019 at 21:58 | Reply

    According to the Universal Life Church of Modesto California I can be a Doctor of Divinity if I send them $95. Does this qualify me for CAP Major?

    • Does this qualify me for CAP Major?

      Actually, it might. CAP units and NHQ rarely check the accreditation of the schools behind the papers presented for a member’s educational background. Robert Ray Hill’s unaccredited degrees (PhD) earned him CAP Major since NHQ lacked the will to verify.

      His CrAP rank is equivalent in value to his diploma mill degrees and certifications. They have no weight in the real world, which is why so many Civil Air Patrol members live inside the CAP fantasy.

  5. militaryhero | May 23, 2019 at 20:57 | Reply

    The women who were concerned about this, may have been correct per recent events taking place in facebook land of this Military Hero

  6. I was a member of the Virginia-National Capitol-and South Carolina Wings.

    In 1983, I was a Senior Member of Civil Air Patrol as a second lieutenant. I completed the USAF Public Affairs Officers course-via Extension Course Institute (ECI) with a 95 for my final grade.

    I desired very much to work alongside of the US Air Force. My father served almost thirty years in both USAF and Air National Guard and in 1970 he was abducted and almost murdered while serving as US Air Force attache at the US Embassy in Santo Domingo. I had tried for years to obtain a commission in USAF reserve or Air National Guard- but there were no openings. I went out of my way to maintain military standards as far as the uniform and appearance.

    I went to church in uniform one day because I was going to a recruiting event later. A retired USAF Lt. Colonel saw me and in front of a group of people after the service started laughing at me and called me “Phony Air Force.”

    Wow! The general attitude of active and retired USAF personnel was pretty much the same! All I can say to all of you is

    1) I grew up in the USAF
    2) I wanted to serve my country.

    I still cringe when I think of being called “a phony”.

  7. I would like to inform everyone in Civil Air Patrol that this guy [Robert Ray Hill] that is a so called doctor is not who he is in Facebook. My mother wasn’t using him, but was tired of his fucking ugly attitude, you will never understand unless you meet him. He treated my mother like a freaking maid. My mom was the one cooking for him, washing his clothes even his briefs and he still treated her like shit.

    He always yelled at my mother and for the information of everyone I paid him with a laptop for the things that he helped. This guy thinks that he is so high of himself. You are just a doctor, but you will never be a good person. Always remember that. You were the one who was cheating with our neighbor named Armie Sabares.


    This person doesn’t even know the word patience. He thinks he is a great person who is so close to Jesus. Are you and tell me believe in Jesus alright? Don’t mess up with the wrong person.

    You even had a fight with your colleagues because of your attitude and tell you tell your friends that we are the one who has an attitude problem? Even your sons and sister doesn’t talk to you because of your awful attitude. Why don’t you tell your friends about it too? So that they will know who you truly are.

  8. I see he’s got another unaccredited degree? What a goat!

  9. Snoopy Whine | January 27, 2017 at 17:32 | Reply

    I am relieved to be outside looking in and back in time at this issue, which seems to be widespread in CAP. When I was a cadet in Georgia Wing there was a certain trollish “Doctor” “Captain” Ilana Mor of Etowah-Bartow Squadron that our commander Lt Col Jeff O’Hara would mock to other seniors, sometimes within ear-shot of our cadets. He called her “a mail-order divinity degree phony” and other phrases just like that.

    “Doctor Mor” also had a peculiar relationship with a slow-witted ogre of a man by the name of John or James Card who, in our opinion, was mentally incapable of many of the tasks assigned to him.

    I don’t think it was bad of Lt Col O’Hara to discourage CAP members from using an unaccredited degree for self promotion. However, I later found out through a relative of a Lockheed Martin executive, that O’Hara himself was forced out of Lockheed and left other internal CAP positions. The whole CAP senior member phony credentials game really turned a few of us off permanently and we stepped back.

    The CAP program needs to scrapped and the money reassigned to professionals.

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