Decades of Corrupt CAP Commanders and IGs

Civil Air Patrol

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I have been sorting through my records on my distasteful experience with Civil Air Patrol. Could you add this to your archive?



You make good points, but permit me to expand on one a bit. You congratulated Gary on being an IG with personal integrity. I submit that we have seen a number of IGs with personal integrity actually make truthful reports about the corruption at the highest levels of CAP – only to have those highest levels cover-up their own misdeeds because “…the IG reports are CAP property.”

I know one IG who had the integrity to report that the [Southeast Region Commander] violated a number of regulations in one particular matter. Unfortunately, the report went to the NTL CC, who treated it as his personal property and refused to let anyone – not the NEC, not the NB, not even BoG members – set it. Indeed, one BoG member was “recalled” as a CAP representative for demanding to see that IG report. That IG was also threatened with a lawsuit by CAP if he disclosed it.

That is why the CAP IG system is totally ineffective; the reports of wrong-doing go to the wrong-doers themselves. It is like having “CSI” report all the evidence to the perpetrator, rather than to the prosecutor.

God bless America
Doug Abruzzo

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I am glad to see that an IG of your personal integrity was assigned to the Swat Team incident, [snip]

Past Southeast Region Commanders:
* Col Glen D. Atwell – 1 Nov 1994 to 24 Feb 1995
* Col Richard L. Bowling – 24 Feb 1995 to 15 Aug 1998
* Col Joseph C. Meighan, Jr – 15 Aug 1998 to 18 Aug 2001
* Col Antonio J. Pineda – 18 Aug 2001 to 21 Aug 2004
* Col Matthew R. Sharkey – 21 Aug 2004 to resigned 9 Feb 2006
* Col John E. Tilton – 9 Feb 2006 to 1 Oct 2006
* Col Daniel J. Levitch – 1 Oct 2006 to 23 May 2007
* Col James M. Rushing – 23 May 2007 to 23 May 2011
* Col Alvin J. Bedgood – 23 May 2011 to 13 Jun 2015
* Col G. Barry Melton – 13 Jun 2015 to 1 Jun 2019
* Col Andrea M. Van Buren – 17 Aug 2019 to Aug 2023

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