Commander Dave Maxwell’s Deposition on Illegal CAP IG Investigations

David E. Maxwell
Col David E. Maxwell

By Col David “Dave” E. Maxwell | Washington Wing Commander

Washington Wing Commander, Dave Maxwell’s deposition describing an improper and illegal investigation, of fraud and IG corruption in detail by various bad actors of the Washington Wing HQ, Pacific Region HQ and the Civil Air Patrol National Headquarters.

See, the way the CAP system works is that the Commanders are appointed – they are supposed to go through a process, but Maxwell and some others never did – the previous regime appointed their own buddies, and in doing so, hurt the Civil Air Patrol general membership.

Those involved were: Murray Craig, Susan Easter, John Holbrook, Gary Johnson, Ed Lane, Ray Lantz, Jim Linker, Don Long, Larry Mangum, Kathy Maxwell, Dale Newell, Mark Norton, Gordon Odell, Ernie Pearson, Robin Phillips, Tony Pineda, Terry Roth, Ken Salzman, Ernie Schnabler, Lou Sherry, Don Sorenson and Ted Tax.

In the Washington Wing, the Civil Air Patrol has in command, Dave Maxwell who has admitted, under oath, to violating the rights of the general membership, it is within the deposition that we have posted below.

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As legal things must meet certain Rules of Civil Procedure, those who do not know how a deposition has to work will have a difficult time in reading it.

Let us spell it out for you, nice and clean, and you can fact check the deposition if you have any doubts.

1) Col Maxwell violated the rights of a member of the Civil Air Patrol when he failed to notify that person of an investigation being conducted on that person.

2) Col Maxwell, as a Wing Commander has the RESPONSIBILITY to protect the rights of the members in the units below the Wing, and as a Corporate Officer of the Civil Air Patrol, he has the fiduciary DUTY to protect those members, that means LEGAL responsibility to do so!

3) Col Maxwell admits, under oath, that the evidence showed that he actually KNEW of the investigation BEFORE any realm of authorization, even a verbal one (which is NOT allowed, by the way – it MUST be in writing) ever existed.

4) Col Maxwell, is responsible for the investigation authorization in that he must spell out the FINITE details of what can be investigated – he failed to do so.

5) Larry Mangum (now in the San Diego, CA area), initiated the original complaint, yet rather than checking facts and dropping the false claims against the party investigated, Mangum violated this persons rights as well, knowingly (most likely) that it was, false.

6) The original complaints are proven to be bogus in the deposition one by one, admitted to by Col Maxwell.

7) Col Maxwell is STILL the Wing Commander in Washington, WHY?

8) And, why wasn’t Larry Mangum terminated for filing a false complaint?

9) Why hasn’t Maxwell been terminated for allowing an unauthorized investigation to continue once he knew of it – going further, in fact, to AUTHORIZE it, improperly, after he found out it was going on?

David Maxwell

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