Colorado Civil Air Patrol Pilot Dies from Plane Crash


By Colorado Wing Member

[Editor’s Note: We received an anonymous tip regarding this crash. Thank you for your contribution. This Civil Air Patrol plane crash in Colorado was attributed to heavy wind.]

Another plane crash, in which the pilot lost his life, the second to occur in Douglas County within two weeks occurred at Franktown last Sunday afternoon.

The plane, in the Civil Air Patrol Service, was piloted by Lieutenant George Wallace Darling, of Pratt, Kansas, who had been in Colorado Springs for only a short time.

The accident occurred about 1:30pm, and was evidently caused by a heavy wind which was blowing at the time, causing the pilot to lose control, and it crashed near Franktown.

The pilot was not killed outright, and a call was put in for the Andrews Ambulance from Castle Rock and a doctor.

The wounded man was taken to the Colorado General hospital, where he died some twenty minutes after arrival.

He suffered a fractured skull, compound fractures of both legs, and many other cuts and bruises.

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