Col Davidson Resigns as BoG Vice Chair

Jayson Altieri with the far wiser Bill Davidson

By Olivia Vampire | AuxBeacon News Staff

Col Jayson A. Altieri presented a Civil Air Patrol BoG Coin to Mr William A. Davidson, Vice Chairman of the CAP BoG upon his departure from the board. Bill, a retired USAF Colonel and former SES with the Secretary of Air Force Office was a key player in running the Audit and Personnel Committees and provided guidance to all members of the Board of Governors.

Mr. Davidson served on the Board of Governors as a Member from November of 2013 to March of 2015. He then became the Vice Chairman of the Board of Governors in March of 2015.

AuxBeacon Updates

On the 12th of August, Col Frederick Weiss reports on CAPTalk that the CAP Chief Financial Officer Susan K. Easter resigned, but other informants observed that she was still at CAP NHQ in Montgomery, AL. Col Weiss then provided additional information on the 15th through the CAPTalk forum, that:

“Yes, she is still there, however she put in her notice 3 weeks ago. I have not asked her when her last day will be.”

On the 16th of August on CAPTalk, Col Weiss stated:

“Just heard from our CFO, Susan Easter. She is not leaving her position ‘now’. I’m sure this is a relief for the BoG and our interim COO, John Salvador…”

As of August 17th 2016 and with the addition of Lt Gen Robert S. Williams, the departure of Col William A. Davidson and the “release” of COO Don Rowland, the Civil Air Patrol Board of Governors is comprised of the following:


Col Jayson Altieri, CAP

Col Ralph L. Miller, CAP

Col Tim Verrett, CAP

Col C. Warren Vest, CAP

Vice Chairman

Lt Gen Robert S. Williams
Commander, 1st Air Force

Lt Gen Judith Fedder, USAF (Ret.)

Brig Gen Leon Johnson, USAF (Ret.)
National President, Tuskegee Airmen, Inc.


Mr. George Perry
Senior Vice President, Air Safety Institute

Maj Gen Teresa Marné Peterson, USAF (Ret.)
Board of Directors,
National Order of Daedalians

Ms. Stacey Bechdolt
Vice President, Safety & Operations and Regulatory Counsel,
Regional Airline Association

Advisor to the Board of Governors
Maj Gen Joseph R. Vazquez, CAP
CAP National Commander

Advisor to the Board of Governors
Col Michael Tyynismaa, USAF
CAP-USAF Commander

Executive Secretary
Mr. John Salvador, Interim

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  1. We ask that you continue to echo and report only the truth without sensationalizing. Your current coverage on Col Davidson’s exit is accurate but dry, and we understand why that need be so. From the inquiries we have made (see material provided), his actions have always been honorable and subtle signals may eventually lead to course corrections.

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