Civil Air Patrol’s Vision for the Future

Antonio Jesus Pineda

By Doug Abruzzo | Yahoo News

The reform movement of fifteen years ago was to transform the wheel-within-a-wheel governance of CAP and make it more responsive to SecAF (as the AF “auxiliary”) and to the customers.

I must respectfully correct you that the eloquent terminology “self-licking ice cream cone” must be attributed to the indefatigable “other Doug.”

Lt Col Doug Johnson, a former Marine fighter pilot, was one of the first to publicly affirm my private estimation of the new Florida Wing Commander, Antonio Jesus Pineda, by opining that Pineda would not amount to “… a pimple on a real Colonel’s ass.”

Pineda’s later antics proved that he was a lot lower than that original estimation and did more to convince Sec AF to either greatly reform CAP governance or send it to the trash heap of history.

There are no doubt thousands – perhaps tens of thousands – of current CAPers who know nothing about that epic struggle and that the cost was the loss of superb CAPers like Col Angelo Porco, Lt Col Ken Massey (who should have been National Commander instead of Pineda), Lt Col Doug Johnson, Lt Col Skip Munger, Lt Col Shawn Stanford, and many, many others.

And we cannot forget thousands of “disgruntled current members” (who swallowed hard and continued to perform the missions, fully aware of the incredible corruption at the top, as Pineda and his sycophants promoted convicted felons and child molesters to the highest levels.

For example, the new structure has just been announced to the membership as a “vision” for the future; there will certainly be hundreds of decisions and instructions to flesh out the implementation such as the new corporate setup? Staffing? Salaries? Expenses? and managing program operations….”

“Is it really necessary to have such a large “Board of Directors” if you will, to operate a corporation of 60,000 volunteer members?”

This is how misinformation starts.

First, the eleven-member Board of Governors (BoG) is composed entirely of “volunteer members.”

Even the USAF general officers who sat on the BoG had that as a collateral duty (in addition to the officer’s actual USAF assignment – the BoG as a part-time job).

Second, the former governing body, the National Board (NB), had about 65 members, some of whom were full-time salaried employees of the CAP corporation. Is eleven volunteer directors more bloated than 65 directors?

I must point out that nearly 40 years ago I first heard the joke about a Navy Captain (O-6) who was the lowest-ranking member of his class at a Naval War College seminar and was thus at the snack bar buying a full tray of coffee for his classmates.

Who knows?

Maybe that same joke has occurred many times over the years . .

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