Civil Air Patrol’s Virginia Nelson Relieved of Command

Virginia Nelson
Lt Col Pat Okawa, Col Mary Feik, Col Virginia Nelson and Nan Ward at Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum - McMinnville, OR during 2008 Pacific Region Conference.

By Virginia Nelson | Former CAP California Wing Commander

To all members of California Wing,

Major General Tony Pineda called and relieved me of command effective today. The recent audit of CAWG finances showed that while there is no money missing from CAWG, there is disagreement on the amount of restricted funds in CAWG’s books. A number of you have been working to help clarify the situation and I owe you thanks for all your time and effort. Maj Gen Pineda feels appointing a new wing commander would be beneficial in rectifying this situation. He has appointed Lt Col Jesus Muniz as the interim commander. Lt Col Muniz was recently a member of Sq 144 and is currently serving as the Colorado Wing Director of Aerospace Education. He can be reached at [email redacted]

I would like to thank all the members of CAWG for their hard work and dedication to our missions, to our squadrons, and to CAWG. I treasure the time I have spent with each of you. Let’s all work together to continue to make CAWG the best in CAP.

Virginia Nelson, Col, CAP
California Wing Commander

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