Civil Air Patrol’s Tom Carper: “Good riddance” to Trump’s EPA Chief Scott Pruitt; Trump Buried Climate Report

Delaware Senator Tom Carper is a member of Civil Air Patrol and no advocate for Donald Trump
Delaware Senator Tom Carper is a member of Civil Air Patrol and no advocate for Donald Trump

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“I hate to be unkind about it but, frankly, good riddance.” – Sen Tom Carper on the resignation of Trump EPA Chief Scott Pruitt

Hi. Your readers should know that Sen Tom Carper (D-DE) was a Civil Air Patrol cadet with Delaware Wing and he was recently inducted into the Delaware Aviation Hall of Fame. He is currently a member of Civil Air Patrol’s Legislative Squadron, which must add to the help Civil Air Patrol gets with money allocations to pay for club flying and new airplanes after the addled old men total them and those of others.

On his Twitter feed from July 3rd through July 5th 2018, Sen Carper was celebrating that Trump’s EPA Chief Scott Pruitt was forced to resign in disgrace over his numerous ethics scandals.

Lt Col Tom Carper, Civil Air Patrol and Donald Trump Scott Pruitt
Sen Tom Carper, Lt Col CAP was no fan of Donald Trump’s EPA Chief
Trump Pruitt Tom Carper
Sen Tom Carper Lt Col Civil Air Patrol sees Scott Pruitt back to Oklahoma

On July 6th Sen. Carper provided the following interview and mention of his Civil Air Patrol membership to Noel King of National Public Radio’s Morning Edition.

KING: “I was reading your Twitter feed this morning, and I think it’s fair to say that you are rejoicing over the resignation of Scott Pruitt. You called the resignation well-deserved. What did you mean?”

CARPER: “I think – in baseball, there’s a term that’s called a pitch well-telegraphed, and it means the ball coming out of the pitcher’s hand, the batter knows what kind of pitch it’s going to be. Scott Pruitt was a pitch well-telegraphed. We knew from the time he spent six years as AG, attorney general, out in Oklahoma, basically attacking the Environmental Protection Agency and leading Republican AGs across the country and attacking clean air, clean water, all kinds of things. And so we knew what to expect. We never expected him to be as morally bankrupt as he’s turned out to be. I was trained as a leader from the age of 11, Boy Scout, 15, Civil Air Patrol cadet, 17, Navy ROTC midshipman, Ohio State, 21, Naval Flight Officer, three tours Vietnam. Twenty-three years in all in the Navy, retired Navy captain. I know little about leadership, and this guy was just not a leader. And we’re better off without him. Our country’s better off without him. And, I hate to be unkind about it but, frankly, good riddance.”

I’m giving you this, not to be critical of my senator. I want to bring both cadet and Congressional attention to the problem of very low and misguided people in Civil Air Patrol doing their nasty political dance on the brains of impressionable future leaders.

Update December 1, 2018

Lt Col Carper, CAP, spoke up again in November 2018 to lead more of our Civil Air Patrol cadets to clarity on the Donald Trump agenda.

“The truth of the matter is that the Trump Administration tried to bury one of the most devastating climate reports in our nation’s history over a long holiday weekend. While Americans were celebrating with loved ones, President Trump hoped that we would miss the alarming conclusions from scientists within his own government about the ever-increasing threats of climate change. But we did notice, and, unfortunately for President Trump, facts are stubborn things. “Countries around the world, almost all credible scientists, and the United States military have warned us time and time again of the costs and dangers of inaction. This weekend, 13 federal agencies within the Trump Administration reiterated the same alarming conclusion: inaction on climate change is costing this country lives, money, and jobs. It is not a matter of ‘if climate change is happening,’ it’s a matter of ‘how bad will it be.’ Extreme weather events cost this country billions every year, a number that, according to this report, will skyrocket if we continue to do nothing about climate change. We can no longer afford to sit on our hands, and that’s why, as Ranking Member of the Environment and Public Works Committee, I stand ready to work with my counterparts on both sides of the aisle here in the Senate and in the House to find serious ways to reduce our emissions and prepare our nation’s infrastructure for what we know is next. Whether he likes it or not, President Trump can bet that we’re going to keep talking about what’s in this report because our collective future depends on it.

Donald Trump Junior, Tom Carper
Donald Trump Jr reminds Civil Air Patrol cadets about 37 year old wife slap.

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