Civil Air Patrol’s Shelly Norman Reinstated as Washington Wing Commander

Maj Gen Mark Smith and Col Shelly J. Norman
Maj Gen Mark Smith and Col Shelly J. Norman; Col Jon Stokes and Maj Jessica Jerwa

By Vernetta’s Butler | AuxBeacon News Contributor

[Editor’s Note: We received this in our inbox. Thank you.]

I thought that Aux Beacon might find this latest email from Colonel Shelly Norman of interest:


As you know, NHQ recently rolled out CAPP 80-3 (attached), Character and Leadership: Applying Core Values for Senior Members.

The PCR Commander has asked each wing to come up with an implementation plan to incorporate the information and lessons in the pamphlet into our staff meetings. After discussion with Chaplain Bill Adam, we have come up with the following recommendation for both the Wing and Unit levels.

For the Wing level we are going to present a case study once a month on the first meeting of the month. This meeting will be devoted entirely to covering our monthly safety briefing and then a case study. The Wing Chaplain and I will lead the discussion and he may rotate one of his CDI’s to take the lead as well. He has been waiting for the CAPP 80-3 to come out and his goal is to have a CDI at each unit leading the Core Values for Senior’s discussions. The plan is to start this next week on 6 November.

At the Unit level I am asking unit commanders to either do the same thing as we will at Wing or on the evening when the cadets are doing their Character Development that the Senior’s do their Core Values case study.

I have asked Capt Jerwa to set up a google file where the units will upload their attendance rosters each month showing attendance and completion. We wil let you know when the file is ready, and the botton to click to submit will be on the Chaplain page on the Wing website.

The information and case studies are meant to be thought provoking and encourage discussion specific to each situation. There are 26 case studies so it will take 26 months to get through them all if you do them once per month. You can do them in any order, but I would suggest starting with the first one and go forward from there.

Col Shelly J Norman, CAP
Washington Wing Commander

The irony of someone who was suspended from command following a cover up of her own arrest, then sending out an email about core values, and talking to her members about integrity is absolutely astounding.

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  1. Nobody wants that job anymore. It sucks.

  2. If you lie for the Civil Air Patrol, if you cover up for the Civil Air Patrol… you get a free pass from the Civil Air Patrol.


    [Admin: There have been editorial calls for just that in the Hawaii Newspapers.]

  4. Lone Star | May 1, 2020 at 03:38 | Reply

    Here’s a story you should run.

    [link redacted]

  5. For all those that have an interest in joining the Civil Air Patrol. Here it is in a nutshell….you will spend 99% of your time arguing uniforms, endless paperwork, death by powerpoint, brutal politics, lot of talk of ‘great’ old days, training endlessly and never going on a SAR mission…the other 1% is CAP’s tiny contribution to society. If you like playing air force soldier and collecting meaningless bling, then the CAP is right for you.

  6. JerwaDeparts | April 6, 2020 at 01:26 | Reply

    So, Jessica will return to the creep zone.

    [link redacted]

  7. Stokes Strokers | April 6, 2020 at 01:24 | Reply

    Please put this to good use.

    [link redacted]

  8. Can you believe Mark Smith appointed Jessica Jerwa as the cap national social media manager? The woman is an absolute disgrace.

    • And national headquarters CAP wonders why members are quitting by the droves. Appointees like Jessica make you want to quit.

      “Capt. Jessica J. Jerwa is lead of the Public Affairs department for the Washington Wing of Civil Air Patrol, Deputy Public Affairs Officer for the Pacific Region and a Social Media Analyst for CAP’s National Headquarters. ”
      image.Capt. Jessica J. Jerwa is the lead of the Public Affairs department for the Washington Wing of Civil Air Patrol, Deputy Public Affairs Officer for the Pacific Region and a Social Media Analyst for CAP’s National Headquarters. Her role includes mentorship of 28 unit PAOs as well as supervision and promotion of their social media channels and public affairs activities. She is responsible for the development of internal and external information programs including media and community relations and ensuring CAP National Headquarters’ public affairs objectives and missions are met. As a Public Affairs Officer, Capt. Jerwa assists and advises the Wing Commander on all matters concerning public affairs.

      Capt. Jerwa was born in Longview, Washington. She began her career in the civilian workforce as a radio disc jockey and the public affairs director for four radio stations in the Longview/Kelso area at age 17, and has since spent time as an Executive Assistant to a college director, a Paralegal, a Federal IT Contractor, and now works as a SharePoint Administrator for a global software developer.

      Capt. Jerwa has worn many hats at the unit level, having served as Public Affairs Officer, Cadet Activities Officer, Information Technologies Officer, Recruiting and Retention Officer, and Assistant Historian for Green River Composite Squadron in Auburn, Wash. She is now a member of the awards committee for Washington Wing, manages the Pacific Region’s social media, is a member of both the National Social Media and Public Affairs Website Review Working Groups, is a co-author of CAPP 152, “Official How-To Guide for CAP Units,” and was named National Public Affairs Officer of the Year for 2015. Capt. Jerwa is also a volunteer with the City of Tukwila’s Emergency Management Department.

  9. Grateful I quit last month. It is mostly Talk, Drama and Scandal. No Thank You.

  10. Corrupt regimes eventually fall as will the Civil Air Patrol. It will soon be a footnote in history.

  11. I heard Norton was picked up by the CAP black vans while he was pimping a cadet one night. His whereabouts are currently unknown.

  12. InlandEmpress | December 11, 2019 at 23:36 | Reply

    I heard that Norman [redacted]…

    [Admin: You heard correct. See if you can find a link to public evidence.]

  13. Just another glorious example of how the Pacific Region works. The head of the snake (Col. Stokes) keeps recycling his cronies. Wonder where Col. Norman will land after her term is up?

  14. Toxic AF is not a reference to the Air Force. That Mark Smith appointed Jessica Jerwa as the national social media analyst really exposes him for what he is. Can you please get the photo packet up that we sent to you?

  15. Smith Stokes Norman Jerwa Kettell.

  16. CAPTAIN Jerwa. Don’t inflate the tool’s head anymore than it already is.

  17. I see bad behavior happening all over the CAP, in many Wings not just Washington. Too many of the old hard working members have quit, died, went inactive, were terminated due to politics, or just lost the drive to continue.

    So here we are, Shelly, a member in bed with the region commander who abused her authority, blatantly violated the regs with a national commander that preaches excellence at nearly every event, but does not live by it. All hypocrites!

    They are a BIG joke and EVERYONE knows it, but afraid to do anything about it. This will continue until we have a leader that will put the organization first. A thorough house cleansing is what we desperately need.

    Anyone up for the challenge?

  18. This has to stop | November 13, 2019 at 05:42 | Reply

    A complete abuse of power.

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