Civil Air Patrol’s Arizona Wing Loses in Court

John J. Varljen
Col John J. Varljen, Arizona Wing Commander

By Alex | AuxBeacon News Contributor

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In the conclusion of events initiated two years ago when Steve Miller attempted to retrieve is personal equipment from a CAP building at Deer Valley Airport in Phoenix, Arizona, the Civil Air Patrol has lost in a resulting court case.

Miller arrived at the CAP building with two police officers. CAP Col John Varljen was the Arizona Wing commander at the time. He assured the two officers that none of Miller’s equipment was stored in the building. But, “Unfortunately for John,” Miller says, “the police allowed me to enter the building and retrieve some of my equipment. My name and drivers’ license number were engraved on the equipment.”

Judge Rebbecca Macbeth caught Varljen lying on the witness stand about his actions during the trial, according to court documents. Judge Macbeth found in Miller’s favor and awarded him $3,448.00, including court costs, on Jan 30, 2006. “I just found out about the ruling yesterday,” a delighted Miller said.

While the case was ongoing, CAP Col Tom Todd, the Southwest Region Commander, sent an email to Miller about how the CAP will follow the “book to the letter” in the case. “I guess he was reading the wrong book, or just forgot to give the book to the judge,” Miller added.

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