Civil Air Patrol Whistleblower George Metz Dies

George Metz

By Timmy | AuxBeacon News Contributor

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Civil Air Patrol Lt Col George Metz passed away Thursday from congestive heart failure at Celebration Hospital in Orlando, FL.

Services will be in Orlando next Saturday, but final arrangements have not been set.

A long-time member and leader of the Florida Wing of the CAP, Metz was “drummed out of the corps” in 1998 by then-Florida Wing commander CAP Col Andrew Skiba, who terminated Metz’ membership in the organization for allegedly writing “inflammatory emails.”

His email messages for the most part attempted to expose wrong-doing in the wing, when he reported to the membership the write-off of hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of lost federal property and other issues affecting the membership.

Lt Col Metz, never one to give up a fight, appealed his membership termination to a CAP board, and was reinstated.

Lt Col Metz who used to tell me that he was my “nemesis,” was never really a nemesis. What he was, and what he will always be remembered to have been: a stand-up officer, “who saw wrong and tried to right it.”

Have a nice flight, George.

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