Civil Air Patrol Third Party Leaking

Civil Air Patrol Member Info shared against member wishes?
Civil Air Patrol Member Info shared against member wishes?

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[Editor’s Note: CAP Talk readers have asked us to look into the circulation of membership info to CAP authorized third parties even when the “Make My Information Private” checkbox has been checked in eServices. We present the initial findings and open the topic for comment before we give our assessment.]

Attention AuxBeacon:

CAP Talkers have made the following observations regarding the forwarding of member info to CAP’s profit partners. Can you allow a more free discussion on this than what Bowles will permit?

Today is the second day in a row I’ve received a call from Office Depot offering to “assist” me setup my CAP account. The caller ID of the number is the same as the one on the Office Depot ad on the homepage, just different callers each day. The listing on the CAP web page:

For assistance with your business account please call:
855-337-6811 X [redacted] or email: [redacted]

The caller yesterday told me that “so and so” left the company and he was just going down her list of accounts. Today’s caller said he was following up from yesterday’s call. I wonder if this is going to become a daily annoyance. The calls have come to my work phone number.

I have always had (and still have) the “keep my information private” box checked. Checking the box apparently means nothing.

IMO, this is a major problem. Either NHQ is [un?]intentionally provided member names, addresses, and employer addresses to third parties without our consent, or someone has downloaded and sold that list. As this seems to be a CAP sponsor of some sort, it’s probably an unintentional former, but that’s both disappointment and concerning if that’s what happened.

I had the “Keep my information private” box checked within 5 minutes of my first login to eservices.

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