Civil Air Patrol Stands with Political Losers

Civil Air Patrol Shit
Civil Air Patrol's Mark Smith with Ralph Abraham

by Damage Judy | AuxBeacon News Contributor

Air Force Colonel Mark Smith gets validation as the very model of the modern CAP Major General with Louisiana Trump supporter Ralph Abraham.

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  1. Lost Opportunity | March 12, 2021 at 13:21 | Reply

    I have watched the CAP organization (through its often incompetent corporate management) throw away its monopoly in general aviation advocacy to AOPA, its leadership in aerospace education to organizations like EAA (including their “Young Eagles” program), its monopoly and leadership in ground search and rescue to NASAR, FEMA and other governmental and private organizations, its role in providing effective communications during times of emergency to a secondary support role at best, its close partnership with the USAF Recruiting program be squandered and denigrated, and its per-imminent role in air search and rescue to many local and state organizations. And I could go on.

    All of this has been done ONLY with the continued feeding of the organization at the top by our inept Congress with over $50 million per year in federal funding. If it were truly asked to “go it alone” like the American Red Cross or Boy Scouts of America (also federally chartered humanitarian organizations), then I have no doubt about how long it would last without major overhauls.

  2. West Virginia | November 29, 2019 at 20:48 | Reply

    I’m no longer with West Virginia Wing Civil Air Patrol. They aren’t bright enough to figure out who I am anyhow, so I will share the fall from grace story of Justice Allen Loughry with you.

    [links redacted]

  3. Claudia Tenney is a Civil Air Patrol political loser.

  4. In Wisconsin, Jeffrey Sischo ran for Oak Creek-Franklin School District school board At-large but lost the primary last year on February 20, 2018. Jeffrey made it clear in his campaigning that he was affiliated with the Civil Air Patrol, Oak Creek Community United Methodist Church, the Boy Scouts of America, and Oak Creek youth sports.

  5. How come you [redacted] aren’t doing a story on Democrap Congresswoman Katie Hill who has resigned?

    [Admin: We looked, couldn’t find anything tying her to Civil Air Patrol.]

  6. I see someone is leaking out our Civil Air Patrol filth on Washington Wing staff. Not sure it matters, but Dave Larson is a judge listed his Civil Air Patrol affiliation to lose an election for the Washington Supreme Court.

  7. I’m disappointed with William Schroder, so here’s a tip in his face, look at our Texas Wing CAP political loser David Watts.

    Watts was a 2016 Republican candidate for District 7 of the Texas House of Representatives and a failed 2014 candidate for Texas Land Commissioner. He touts the fact that he is an FAA commercial pilot and had served in Civil Air Patrol

  8. [comment redacted]

    [Admin: We understand your resentment for what Civil Air Patrol people have done. However, we believe that comments full of anger only that don’t provide new clues or new evidence to expose the continuing abuse will only play into their hands. Use that energy to research and report facts on their fraud and other crimes.]

  9. Gamache is a political loser.

  10. uh, shouldn’t there be more to this story?

    like, howzabout Michigan Wing’s Curtis J. Boehmer?

    [Admin: That checks. He is, technically, a political loser. We will add your suggestion to the story. Any others?]

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