Civil Air Patrol Quote of the Day: Gary Wheaton

Civil Air Patrol Meme: Gary Wheaton USAF, CAP
Gary Wheaton, CAP drives faster than he was allowed to fly.

by Gentile Junior | AuxBeacon News Contributor

Before New Hampshire Wing Civil Air Patrol adopted him this month for his 500+ contacts, former US Air Force instructor pilot and former New Hampshire state representative Gary Wheaton had this to say about one of his public endangerment arrests:

“Any of those stops could conceivably be police officers knowing that I’m a Republican and I’m voting against what they want. So there’s always that chance or that possibility. I can’t accuse without evidence.”

On April 5th 2011, Rep. Gary Wheaton (R-Seabrook), a former US Air Force instructor pilot, was caught speeding and driving on a suspended license here on Route 1. He made a U-turn and went around a construction barricade when the officer tried to pull him over. The car he was driving did NOT have state representative license plates on it.

Wheaton was also charged with a traffic control device violation, i.e. running a light or a sign. His license had been previously suspended on January 28th after he pled guilty to recklessly endangering the lives and safety of the public in Londonderry on September 18th 2010.

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