Civil Air Patrol Officer Committed Child Sex Crimes

CAP Captain David J. Greenberg
CAP Captain David J. Greenberg

By Mark Becker | WSOC-TV News

[Editor’s Note: Current and former members of Civil Air Patrol have been patiently attempting to correct problems of abuse, taxpayer fraud and reprisal against those officers who report findings. CAP members are threatened with reprisal and termination if they go outside of the organization to report crimes. It usually takes the parents or victims to report these crimes that happened in the CAP since most members will suffer from whistleblower retaliation and be run out of the organization. ]

Some background information on CAP Captain David J. Greenberg. He originally started with the Suffolk Cadet Squadron 10 in Holbrook, NY in May 2012. He was the Cadet Programs Officer. He also served on the New York Wing Cadet Encampment Staff in 2013 as the Golf Flight Training Officer for Cadets. He was last with the 111th Search & Rescue Composite Squadron in Charlotte, North Carolina since May 2015 as the Unit Finance Officer.

Former Civil Air Patrol Volunteer Pleads Guilty to Child Sex Crimes

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – David Greenberg shuffled into the courtroom with his head down, and stood quietly next to his attorneys as a detective described him as the very embodiment of a predator.

Detective April Samples, of the Cabarrus County Sheriff’s Office, told the judge that Greenberg’s obsession with young boys began long before he moved to Charlotte and started volunteering with the Civil Air Patrol, who with a smile and a video camera, stalked boys at the beach, at a day camp and even the Little League World Series..

“He just spent the vast majority of his life hunting for little boys,” Samples said. “Him and a friend of his would zoom in on little boys’ crotches and make vulgar comments about them sexually.”

Greenberg, of Charlotte, pleaded guilty Friday morning in Mecklenburg County of sex crimes against children.

He will spend 25 years in prison and will also have to wear an electronic monitor for the rest of his life.

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