Civil Air Patrol Meme of the Week: Swing From A Tree

CAP Memes by Civil Air Patrol Members
Civil Air Patrol Meme of the Week

by Agent Birch | AuxBeacon News Contributor

[Editor’s Note: Agent Birch has offered to choose a Civil Air Patrol Meme that best represents the past week’s events in our program of self-dealing, aviation accidents, waste, intimidation, whistleblower reprisals and suicides.]

This week’s internet meme addresses Civil Air Patrol attempted influence in local and federal government and the specific political leanings and style of former 77th Composite Squadron commander Jonathan Holder.

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1 Comment on "Civil Air Patrol Meme of the Week: Swing From A Tree"

  1. HelperHolder | August 28, 2019 at 18:31 | Reply

    There is a rumor going around that you people are paying Jonathan Holder, Celeste Gamache, [redacted] and others to contribute to faux-opposition sites that help draw traffic and more contributions to yours. Is this true?

    [Admin: While it is true that Jonathan Holder has been helpful to the AuxBeacon project, he is strictly a volunteer. We are not paying him or Celeste Gamache or the other person you mentioned for their comical efforts. We were bemused that a US attorney like Celeste Gamache would opt to partner with Swingin’ Jonathan Holder against a person like Representative Stephanie Clayton (R-KS-19), but as we dig into Civil Air Patrol and Mar-a-Lago recruiting and grooming, we are no longer surprised at what we are finding. Be sure to stay tuned.]

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