Civil Air Patrol Leaves Greensburg

Greeensburg, Decatur County, Indiana

By Olivia Vampire | AuxBeacon News

James Howell Jr of the Greensburg Daily News reports that Civil Air Patrol has left Greensburg Airport in Decatur County, Indiana.

Mr Howell quoted Airport Manager Jerry Scheidler who offered his point of view on the situation over the past few months.

“I have not seen any activity out of them in awhile — I’d say 2-3 months almost,” Scheidler said. “There is no evidence they’ve been in the terminal or held any meetings. I have not seen an aircraft in or out of the hangar. So I ended up calling them the other day to see what was going on and they explained that the interest they were hoping for never came about and they decided to shut down operations.”

Greensburg is a classic mid-west town located adjacent to Interstate 74 halfway between Indianapolis and Cincinnati. The Greensburg-Decatur County Airport consists of a single runway 3,343 feet in length and just 40 feet wide. There are tentative plans to either expand the current runway or build a new airport elsewhere in Decatur County.

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