Civil Air Patrol Informants Ask “Where’s My Info?”

Deep Impact for the Bergs of Civil Air Patrol Dirt
Deep Impact for the Bergs of Civil Air Patrol Dirt

By Osbourne Green | AuxBeacon News Staff

When readers ask us:

“Why didn’t you use my clip, my photo, my audio, my video, etc?”


“Why haven’t you run my story about the National Cadet Staff Alcohol Activity at Wright State University, Dayton?”


“There is plenty of proof supporting our complaint, why don’t you release all the documents on [redacted]?”

Our response is that we are building a very large repository of information on all wings of Civil Air Patrol. Only some of it is being rolled out to the public and much is held in reserve or goes elsewhere. We hope you understand our approach.

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  1. I am getting a much better understanding of the weaknesses, risks and threats that members in this organization must endure by checking in here.

    Can you write more about the way CAP is able to wipe out older stories that are unfavorable to them so that parents and cadets don’t seem them?

    I have noticed some broken links on your site and wanted you to know.

    [links redacted]

  2. Everything you ever wanted to know about HAZING of Cadets in Southeast Region Civil Air Patrol.

    [link redacted]

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