Civil Air Patrol Deputy Dad Convicted of Child Pornography

Spartanburg Airport
Spartanburg Airport

By Debra Lester | | July 7th 2001

[Update June 10, 2004: 2Lt Michael R. Desrochers was convicted of certain activities relating to material constituting or containing child pornography. He was a former cadet officer from Virginia Wing that became a Senior member.]

2nd Lt Michael R. Desrochers, deputy commander for cadets, pointed out the cadets stayed an entire week at Fort Jackson for $50. “We take them twice a year to Washington, D.C., for $50 a trip,” he said. “They get a free uniform with their $36 dues and the dues are tax deductible for their parents.” He hopes more youngsters join CAP, and points out that achieving rank in the organization virtually assures an appointment to the Air Force Academy.

Desrochers — nicknamed “Lt Dad-rochers” by the cadets — is a former cadet officer himself. And, at age 31, he said he “can bridge the gap right now. A lot of them don’t have fathers. They become my sons and daughters.”

Anyone wishing to join CAP may call Desrochers at [redacted], visit or attend a meeting from 6:30-9 p.m. Mondays at Spartanburg Downtown Memorial Airport.

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