Civil Air Patrol Counter Drug Missions Abused

Col Tonya Boylan, Lt Col Brett Slagle
Col Tonya Boylan, Lt Col Brett Slagle

By AuxBeacon News Staff

[Editor’s Note: We received this today. Thank you for the contribution.]

800-A Dobbins Patrol Rd. Hanger 5, Rm 2110
Dobbins ARB GA 30069-4210

22 Oct 2012

MEMORANDUM FOR: All Personnel Georgia Wing

FROM: Commander Georgia Wing Civil Air Patrol

SUBJECT: Airborne Photography Training and Mission Sign Off on Counter Drug Missions

1. It has come to my attention that some officers are using Counter Drug Missions, on
which no photography was requested by the customer or au to sign off the sortie
participation requirement for the Airborne Photographer qualification, after careful
review and consultation with other officers I have determined that this practice is not
fully in compliance with CAP/USAF directives and 1st AF instructions.

2. Officers participating in Counter Drug missions (A3 mission designation) where no
customer photography was requested and approved will not use these missions as
opportunities to sign off Airborne Photographer tasks. This in no way prohibits training
in other mission aircrew qualifications. Airborne Photographer task sign off can
however be accomplished during Counter Drug Training missions (A4 mission
designation) when in compliance with the approved Operations Training Plan.

Tonya R. Boylan, Col, CAP

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