Civil Air Patrol Chief of Chaplain Sattgast Angers Jews of the CAP

Chaplain Charlie Sattgast
Chaplain Charlie Sattgast

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[Editor’s Note: We received both contact submission and comments on this current story in Civil Air Patrol.]

LOS ANGELES, CA – Last week in Anaheim the Civil Air Patrol held its national convention at the Anaheim Marriott. It was a great time of fun, learning, training and networking with fellow members in our all volunteer force to support the country, citizens and our mission to the U.S. Air Force.

Rabbi Montanari is asking for a reappointing back into the CAP Chaplains Corps

Now lets get to the story of our ongoing saga with the Chief of Chaplains of the CAP, Ch. Col Charlie Sattgast. In an effort to go beyond what is required, Rabbi Montanari met with Charlie Sattgast, for the sole purpose to reconcile and bring the 2 major faiths together in unity and resolve any outstanding issues in good faith. Chaplain Sattgast explained to him the struggle he has with his position between friendship and his position as CoC including the regulations he must follow.

Regardless, Chaplain Sattgast explained the issue that was holding him back from reappointing Rabbi Montanari into the CAP Chaplains Corps., encompassed the exit interview and the relationship with his former endorser including how he left the chaplaincy years ago. He also mentioned the way the unit he once was attached to felt about him when he left that chaplain position in the USAF.

These comments are understandable from his perspective but lacks judgement of the emotional, mental, disillusionment and struggle one has in a faith crisis and how other see it. Meaning, it is a one-sided argument from a Christian perspective not taking into account Rabbi Montanari and his feelings, experiences and theological growth.

After full reconciliation between all parties this week, Chaplain Sattgast again refused to reappoint Rabbi Montanari. Informally notifying him and his rabbinical leadership of his decision that was made months ago and not mentioning the new developments of the past few days, tremendous CAP events for the Jewish people he assisted in nor his own commitments to reconciliation to Rabbi Montanari. Then seven additional charges of discrimination, racists actions and questionable leadership decisions have arose since last week that now have caused this issue to explode.

Correspondence from Ch. Sattgast to Rabbinical leaders this week included non-reconciliatory language such as a warning to not communicate unless by legal counsel, respecting his final decisions and limiting our communication to resolve problems referencing a unregulated panels decision in February to not reappoint Rabbi Montanari.

Chaplain Sattgast has big issues with the Jewish people in CAP and has infuriated the Jewish endorser to whom he has offended before. He further lied by not indicating to Rabbi Montanari last week that he would not change his decision but rather attempted to manipulate him into jumping thru more hoops for the sole purpose of another stab in the back.

A former national commander has stood up and indicated that maybe a new Chief of Chaplains will be needed to resolve this issue for the long term benefit of CAP members and CAP’s public reputation which is being drastically damaged by Chaplain Sattgast.

Sadly, per Chaplain Sattgast’s requests, the CAP National Commander, Board of Governors, including a congressional inquiry will all receive a formal complaint from numerous Jewish officers and members regarding Chaplain Sattgast’s questionable actions towards the Jewish people of CAP, lack of equal opportunity and his personal vendetta against Rabbi Montanari.

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