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CAP Capt David J. Greenberg
CAP Capt David J. Greenberg

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Civil Air Patrol Captain Raped 9 Year Old Boy July 2016
The case originated on Sunday, 3 July 2016, when the Cabarrus County Sheriff’s Office received a report. The parents of two CAP cadets contacted law enforcement about sexual exploitation of and indecent liberties with a minor. The two 14-year-old cadets were participating at a Civil Air Patrol Cadet Encampment in Charlotte where CAP Capt Greenberg was a staff member. Greenberg said he was involved in the Civil Air Patrol cadet program and mentored children there before becoming a counselor at Camp Kenwal for several years.

Georgia Civil Air Patrol Commander Indicted December 2015
Capt Kristin Matthew “Kris” Ward was charged with aggravated sexual battery, child molestation, enticing a child for indecent purposes and violation of his oath as a police officer, according to the indictment filed Dec 8 2015 in Clarke County Superior Court. According to the indictment, the alleged victim was under 16 years old when he allegedly was assaulted between September 2010 and November 2011. He was said at the time to be a cadet with the Civil Air Patrol, a U.S. Air Force Auxiliary, and Capt Ward was Commander of the [Clark County Composite Squadron] unit based at Athens-Ben Epps Airport. Cadets are as young as 12 years old. When arrested in April, Capt Ward was a Deputy Commander for the Civil Air Patrol in Barrow County.

USAF Officer Pleads Guilty to CAP Cadet Molestation
Other potential victims — boys he had contact with through the Civil Air Patrol cadet program — were uncovered in the wake of Governale’s arrest. But under his plea deal with the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Governale will face no more charges in connection with the case. Organizations supporting victims of military sexual trauma say they would like to see further investigation because they think that too often those in positions of power violate their trust by engaging in sexual activities with subordinates.

FBI Searching for More Sex Victims in Florida Wing
On September 25, Air Force MSgt Charles L. Carr, commander of the Civil Air Patrol, sent out an “important message” about Lt Col Governale to the nearly 27,000 cadets in patrol programs around the country. Governale, who also served as a civilian protocol officer for U.S. Central Command, had been arrested four days earlier, charged with using the Internet to entice a teen from Seminole County to meet him for sex. Investigators say Governale met the teen, and other young men he engaged in sexual relations with, through the Civil Air Patrol, which offers educational programs to those between the ages of 12 and 20.

Civil Air Patrol Cadet Flight Instructor Kills Self and Passenger in 2011
On July 23rd 2011 Matthew P. Shope, an 18 year old Civil Air Patrol Cadet Flight Instructor performed an aggressive flight maneuver at low altitude in an American Aviation AA-1A Trainer with 19 year old Pedro Torres aboard. Both died in the resulting crash that was filmed and uploaded to YouTube. The NTSB released their assessment November 7th 2012.

Colorado Civil Air Patrol Cadet Officer Convicted of Sexual Abuse in 2009
Bain was a Lieutenant with the Civil Air Patrol in Longmont when he was arrested in March 2009 after two cadets under his authority reported that he had sexually assaulted them in his Longmont apartment. Prosecutor Ken Kupfner said Wednesday during Bain’s sentencing hearing that Bain used his Civil Air Patrol authority over the girls, who were then 13 and 15, to force them to comply with sexual demands. He was 18 at the time.

Kansas Civil Air Patrol Cadet Commander Kills Father & Self in Cessna Crash 2006
On November 5th 2006, a teenage pilot and his father, both active Civil Air Patrol members, died and two other young men were injured when their rental plane crashed in a field in northern Oklahoma. The VFR only Civil Air Patrol Cadet pilot was “scud running” in order to get home to Wichita from a Ben Folds concert (Rock This Bitch, Jesusland, Bitches Ain’t Shit) in Tulsa. The impact threw Ryan Sageser and Biedron out of the plane, while Markham Sageser and Rice were pinned in the wreckage for several hours, authorities said. The 2003 Cessna Skyhawk, N53443, registered to Yingling Aircraft, Inc. was destroyed.

Cadet Documents Sex Acts in CAP Parking Lot 2005
After the first encounter, the boy and Flannigan had sex during each sleepover, he said. But the interludes weren’t limited to the home, according to the boy, with incidents of sexual contact also occurring at John Prince Park in Lantana, in a hotel room during a trip to Orlando and in her van as they sat in the Civil Air Patrol parking lot. [She drove him to his CAP meetings at the Lantana Airport and had sex with him before and after the meetings. The father sued the CAP for negligence because the cadet was molested during a CAP competition and before CAP meetings – Boca Raton News, Feb 11, 2007]. They also kissed in her office and a storage room at the school, he said.

Civil Air Patrol Deputy Dad Convicted 2004
2nd Lt. Michael R. Desrochers, deputy commander for cadets, — nicknamed “Lt. Dad-rochers” by the cadets — is a former cadet himself. At age 31, he said he “can bridge the gap right now. A lot of them don’t have fathers. They become my sons and daughters… We take them twice a year to Washington, D.C., for $50 a trip,” he said. “They get a free uniform with their $36 dues and the dues are tax deductible for their parents.” He hopes more youngsters join CAP, and points out that achieving rank in the organization virtually assures an appointment to the Air Force Academy On June 10, 2004 Michael R. Desrochers was convicted of certain activities relating to material constituting or containing child pornography.

Civil Air Patrol Murder: Texas Cadet Story
Diane Michelle Zamora is a former Civil Air Patrol cadet and a former United States Naval Academy midshipman. Her ex-fiancé, David Graham, is a former Civil Air Patrol cadet and United States Air Force Academy cadet. Both were convicted for the December 4, 1995 murder of Adrianne Jessica Jones. In their separate confessions to police, they describe the events similarly.

Civil Air Patrol Cadet J.D. March 1989
In March of 1989, Civil Air Patrol Chaplain Edward Albert Newman came to J.D.’s home with uniform fatigues for J.D. to try on. As J.D. entered his brother’s room to try on the pants, appellant followed him. When the pants did not fit, appellant produced his tape measure and proceeded to measure J.D.’s inseam. In so doing, appellant bumped J.D.’s groin. A few weeks later when appellant showed up with more uniforms, another bout of measuring took place. Though appellant did not touch J.D. in the groin area, his hand did bump J.D. on the outside of his underwear. J.D. never reported these incidents as he didn’t feel anything had happened.

Civil Air Patrol Cadet M.L. January 1989
In January 1989, Civil Air Patrol Chaplain Edward Albert Newman contacted twelve year old M.L., a new member of Civil Air Patrol, to schedule a CAP-required, one-mile run. Appellant picked up M.L. and drove him to St. Charles West High School for the run. Although appellant told M.L. that other cadets would be running, no one else showed up. M.L. completed his mile, then accompanied appellant to his trailer for a soda. Upon arriving at the trailer, appellant asked M.L. to try on some of the CAP uniforms. M.L. asked to use the bathroom for changing, but appellant insisted he use the bedroom. After the first pair of pants did not fit, appellant pulled out the tape measure. While measuring M.L.’s inseam, appellant slid his hand under M.L.’s underwear touching his genitals. M.L. told appellant to stop. After squeezing M.L.’s genitals, appellant picked M.L. up, held him to his chest in a bear hug, twirled him around, then threw him on the bed, pinning him face down. As M.L. screamed, attempting to struggle from appellant’s grasp, appellant ran his tongue down M.L.’s bare back, turned him over and pulled M.L.’s pants and underwear down to his ankles. Appellant touched M.L.’s genitals with his tongue, stopping only after M.L. kicked him in the groin. On the drive home, appellant asked M.L. what had happened that afternoon. M.L. told appellant he had run his mile and tried on a few uniforms. Appellant informed M.L. that if anyone was told of the actual events of the afternoon, M.L.’s home would be blown up with dynamite. M.L. told no one.

Civil Air Patrol Cadet S.F. Fall 1988
In fall 1988, S.F., a thirteen year old Civil Air Patrol member, stopped by Civil Air Patrol Chaplain Edward Albert Newman’s trailer to drop off a newspaper article concerning the organization. Appellant requested that S.F. try on a couple of CAP uniforms. Although S.F. asked to use the bathroom for changing, appellant insisted S.F. use appellant’s bedroom. When the pants did not fit, appellant brought out a tape measure, measuring the inside of S.F.’s thighs a number of times. In so doing, appellant’s knuckles moved inside S.F.’s underwear and against his genitals. Shocked and embarrassed, S.F. backed away and quickly left the room saying he heard his mother calling. S.F. did not report the incident at that time.

Civil Air Patrol X.Y. 1980s
He was a member of Civil Air Patrol’s youth Cadet Program in Scottsdale Arizona. Mr Roderick Beaumont was a certified flight instructor with Civil Air Patrol who received instant rank and respect because he told He told everyone he was a pilot in the Royal Air Force and they gave him an equivalent rank based on his story. Free flying lessons were part of this cadet’s award as Cadet of the Year. Rod Beaumont’s United States flying credentials can be verified to this day with his last US medical dated to 19. The former cadet told the Mirror that Beaumont “began abusing me while acting as my flight instructor. Everyone thought Mr Beaumont was the greatest. He rented a home from my parents, got me a job at a local flight school and was the contact for a class I was taking in high school. I was afraid everyone’s world would fall apart if I said anything.”

Civil Air Patrol Cadets with Klan Weapons Instructor
Civil Air Patrol Maj. Paul Renfro said he had been conducting an investigation into the training CAP cadets received at the camp because parents had complained their sons were learning guerrilla warfare and had heard racial slurs from leaders. “There was nothing boy scout about it,” said Major Renfro. “They were on maneuvers. They were firing, unloading, using live ammunition and the parents were very upset because they were told nothing about this.”

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