Civil Air Patrol Bodies Buried Under Five Pillars

Civil Air Patrol

By Spearchucker | AuxBeacon News Contributor

Your contributors have made members across the nation aware of abuses and suicides in Civil Air Patrol. In response to this, the [anger redacted] Maj Gen Mark Smith is now contorting and AGSMing to maneuver around the flak put up for the gangsters of intimidation who continue to operate in our Civil Air Patrol.

Over the past few months I have gotten an earful from talking with others who dealt with cover-up Inspector Generals and Investigating Officers like Ken Parris and Tom Kettell. If you don’t know, the following former Civil Air Patrol members committed suicide, some over personal guilt for offenses and some over exhaustion at fighting CAP corruption. Mark Biron, [redacted], Rex Glasgow, Tonya Boylan, David G. Grover, Doug Demarest, Tony Bradley, Becky Marseglia, and [redacted].

To get out in front of more recent CAP losses for National Suicide Prevention Week (Sep 9, 2018 – Sep 15, 2018) Mark Smith has rushed out the following.

CAP Maj Gen Mark Smith, National Commander

Drinking for Member Wellness is Maj Gen Mark Smith, National Commander

New Initiative Stresses ‘Wellness and Resilience’ For Members

Lt Col Timothy Miner
Virginia Wing

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day and September is National Suicide Prevention Month, underscoring CAP National Commander Maj Gen Mark Smith’s announcement of a new initiative – “Five Pillars of Wellness and Resilience” – aimed at ensuring CAP members handle life’s challenges.

“The five pillars are Mind, Body, Relationships, Spirit and Family,” Smith said in a letter to CAP members. “They represent the focus areas that contribute to our personal level of ‘wellness.’ This personal wellness enables us to operate at our best, sustaining us during times of stress and making us resilient to the difficulties of life. This helps us to be successful as CAP volunteer Airmen.”

During September, Smith directed, all cadet and composite squadrons will teach a lesson on the Five Pillars to promote “living a life of wellness,” defined as living so that an individual has the best opportunities to achieve personal excellence – a CAP core value.

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  1. More, see here: [link redacted]

    [Admin: Received. Please give us some time.]

  2. Has anyone noticed that CAP rarely gets awards or recognition outside of the organization? Nearly all of their recognition comes from within the organization. Talk about meaningless recognition and self inflated egos! No thank you!!

  3. Your contributing readers are on to something important regarding Civil Air Patrol and cadet suicides.

    Cadets who discover that they are gay, bisexual or not Christian but are surrounded by Bible thumpers are killing themselves in numbers that should have us take notice to change the culture.

    Four in 10 LGBT students report that they experience physical harassment because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

    LGBT youth represent 20-40% of all homeless young people. They are forced to leave home because their families’ religious beliefs will not accept them.

    Studies in the US and overseas have shown “disproportionately high rates of suicidal behavior among LGBT adolescents and young adults.”

    I liked and respected Mark Biron, but his medical did have a qualifier: NOT VALID FOR ANY CLASS AFTER (contact AAM). Personally, I would not spin the chamber and take a risk with my life or with those below by flying ALONE in an airplane with any sort of asterisk on my medical certificate.

  4. RyanFossetDeath | September 14, 2018 at 23:19 | Reply

    Can you help my research by getting up the story that Lt Col Cynthia Ryan was telling people that she believed Steve Fossett may have faked his own death due to personal problems or fears about his business dealings?

    [Admin: Done. Thank you for your contribution.]

  5. There are more, one in April of this year.
    Jared T. Rogers

    Claymont – Jared T. Rogers, age 14, of Claymont, DE passed away suddenly on April 12, 2018. Born in Salem, NJ, Jared has been a lifelong resident of Claymont, DE. A student, he currently is enrolled in the 9th grade at Concord High School. He enjoyed wrestling, martial arts, fishing and Vex Robotics.

    Jared, a Cadet Sr. Airman with the Delaware Air National Guard Cadet Squadron joined the Civil Air Patrol program in 2015 with Squadron DE-004 before transferring to DE-008 in 2016. He was an active participant in the Emergency Services Program. Jared possessed a willingness to serve and an attitude that personified the core values of excellence, respect, integrity and volunteer service.

  6. Timothy Miner is the executive director of the Council of Interfaith Communities and one of three founders of the Order of Universal Interfaith.

    The Order of Universal Interfaith (OUnI) is the ecclesiastic order which supports the interfaith-interspiritual-integral spirituality movement. It was founded in Washington, DC, in January 2009 and incorporated as a religious society. It has over 575 members on five continents.

  7. I have been both a cadet and a senior member officer of CAP. And while I certainly do not mean to dismiss what these people went through (tragically resulting in suicides), maybe CAP is being taken far too seriously? I recall meeting numerous members over the years that treated CAP as if it was the same as being in the active duty military and more which is utter nonsense. Nothing that CAP does is worth a member’s life. If it is corrupt, walk away and count yourself lucky that you are not supporting it anymore.

    [PCReditor: Because that is exactly what the corrupt commanders want you to do, walk away and allow them to groom and abuse children and taxpayer funding.]

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