Civil Air Patrol is Vital to America — Another Lie

Guardian Angel
Guardian Angel

By CAP Member | News of the Force

“Interesting correlation, sadly it is a myth propagated upon us by a bunch of ‘good old boys’ that want the taxpayer to foot the bill for their flying.

Let’s start with the notion that “The Civil Air Patrol is watching over us — like a guardian angel in the skies above our homes and offices.”

CAP, in reality, is a self-edifying group of pilots that have figured a scam to get the taxpayer to provide aircraft for their little flying club.

One has only to review the safety history of the CAP during the past year to realize how truly inept the organization functions while attempting to perform the few task assigned to it.

I doubt seriously that any “guardian angel” has ever been investigated for fraud and for maleficence by three different government law enforcement agencies.

This is the same organization that rewards its participants with “Bravery and Valor” medals for sitting near a phone.

“The CAP conducts over 85 percent of all the inland search-and-rescue operations in the country.”

Interestingly the percentage continues to range between 80 and 90 percent. What CAP carefully hides is 99% of the 85% are ELT searches for aircraft strapped to an airport apron or safely housed in a hanger. CAP SAREX operations are few and far between primarily because of county sheriff’s departments.

If SAREX operations in the Arizona Wing are indicative of the SAREX proficiency nationwide then the name should be changed to recovery as only bodies are returned. Arizona Wing has bungled the last three real SAREX operations.

As far as additional public money, New Jersey State Senator Peter Inverso intends to ask be allocated to the CAP he should review the CAP’s current funding. The Air Force has allocated $44,716,000 for the exclusive use of the CAP next year, 2003. Additionally the Air Force has allocated $8,757,000 for Operational and Maintenance of the CAP. This is a 15% increase of public expenditures from last year.

Yet CAP is unable to provide inter-squad radios for their vaulted ground teams, the ground teams use the Family Radio Service frequencies.

The CAP has the millions to continue in the sponsorship of a 9th rated NASCAR race car.

The CAP is an overpriced burden to not only the taxpayer in monetary terms, but also the to general aviation for the black hole created by the CAP inability to perform even the basic tenants of its charter!

I believe it’s time someone pull the plug on this group and put a stop to the constant flood of marketeering gobbly goop that flows from the CAP National Headquarters!

The need for a CAP — if a need ever existed — ended in 1943 when the CAP was directed to stop patrolling the eastern seaboard.”

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