CAP NHQ Employee Begged for Help in 2009

CAP National employee cry for help
CAP National employee cry for help.

By AuxBeacon News Staff

[Editor’s Note: Readers are sending in urgent private and anonymous communications about current and past events in Civil Air Patrol’s national headquarters. Unfortunately, AuxBeacon sometimes receives outrageous, false and libelous accusations from those eager to discredit our efforts. We can only report verified facts.]

In May of 2009 a cry for help appeared on the Sky Graffiti website. No lawsuit ever led to the removal of the accusation.

I am currently employed at National Headquarters and disgusted with the sexual harassment, abuse of powers, terminating good members without reason, no accountability. I cannot disclose my position or name in fear of retaliation. I can verify that all of your accusations are valid. The corruption has been going on for years. It is a lot worse than what you have described on here. Most of the National staff members and Board of Governors including the current National Commander are guilty of many criminal acts. If someone was brave enough to expose them, they would all get prison time.

Many wonder why none of this criminal behavior is rarely exposed, the fact is that most fear the retaliation and are afraid they might get setup. National parallels organized crime like a mafia. Until you have experienced National first hand, then you will understand what I am talking about. If you want to help the CAP members, more people need to speak out against National until everyone takes notice. National exposure would end the corruption, or it will continue indefinitely. Please speak out & not just on here, if you have been mistreated or you know about a cover-up in CAP, your voices will be heard if more people stand up and unite together.

Name – Mary Doe 07:08:35 05-21-09

We will soon be reviewing the names and cases of CAP National employees that have been terminated in witch hunts since this post appeared in 2009. If you would like to contribute information on this, in the open or anonymously, please do so at this time.

Over at CAP Insights, Ray Hayden has posted an entry regarding Civil Air Patrol’s Chief Operating Officer John Salvador. Readers will recall that Col Jayson Altieri, who was chairman of CAP’s Board of Governors at the time, announced in December of 2016 that the BOG had selected John Salvador as CAP’s chief operating officer. The role of the COO is to administer the day-to-day “affairs” at CAP National Headquarters at Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama.

Salvador’s biography notes that he has held other leadership positions within CAP over the past 20 years.

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  1. Check your email for photos and news of Susan Easter’s exit and Stacy Jackson starting as new CAP CFO on 11/6. Michelle Slack is gone too. The change happened through the recent CSAG meeting.

    This is a big cover-up.

    • Why would Stacy Jackson want the CFO position? The CAP national headquarters at Maxwell is a hostile work environment.

  2. High Speed, Low Drag | November 17, 2017 at 04:20 | Reply

    There hasn’t been a director of public affairs and marketing for some time now, not just recently. Julie DeBardelaben isn’t the brightest bulb in the bunch, and has burned through some great talent among the volunteer staff — some of which has been far more competent than she is. I wouldn’t bet that she’s telling lies, SkyRiderJr, but that she just doesn’t know what’s going on. The sad part is that the CAP leadership has no good way to measure her job performance to know she’s in far over her head. As a result, CAP’s public awareness is bungled, and its recruiting and retention is in sad shape.

  3. Outside of Alabama, most Republican lawmakers want Roy Moore to bow out over credible allegations on events that happened 40 years ago.

    But when it comes to investigating and outing the current Civil Air Patrol sexual abuse, corruption and reprisal, Congress turns a blind eye? WTH?

    • MoorefortheCAP | November 20, 2017 at 22:34 | Reply

      Roy Moore would make an excellent new CAP member. He lives in Alabama and has similar values to those at CAP corporate headquarters. He would fit right in.

  4. My daughter has become another victim of how Civil Air Patrol attacks members who report abuse up the chain. If we as members make the effort to collect evidence of misconduct, such as with an audio recording, CAP will imply that we are the unethical ones for recording superior officers using sexual or hateful language. How else could we have established our case?!?!

    The regs and the club are all rigged to prevent evidence from rising to where it needs to be seen. Chain and process delays are used to buy time to destroy the reputation of the reporting member. If you worked inside CAP National Headquarters, we are begging you to not to cut gag and seal deals for compensation or these abuses will continue.

  5. True story. While I was overseas my wife trained to receive her pilot’s license. She joined Civil Air Patrol and because she is physically attractive, she got a lot of attention from pilots and commanders in the state. It all went to her head and soon she was getting more and more flying time, in more ways than one.

  6. RH has posted at CAP Insights.

    Where Did Who Go? I’m still here. CAP Insights is working on a number of things right now, and apparently, a lot of folks are just waiting for the information to drop. While I am personally rather busy at the moment, I will certainly have time to publish actions taking place in the Criminal Air Patrol. Field Reports, fact reports, and other items of interest still come in, and as I have the time to work them up, fact check the stories, and edit them for protection of innocent parties… CAP Insights will publish them. I’d say “Stay Tuned,” but you already are!

  7. I have been looking at some of the other stories on that Sky Graffiti Air Patrol page. I never knew about any of this when I was actively working their missions. Wakes a body up to the backdoor abuse.

  8. You should log the Civil Air Patrol Member dues hike that was announced by National of Sept 29th 2017. That came after Col Skrabut’s retirement after he explained “Why CAP Members Are Leaving” and the $12 Million judgement against CAP for their Georgia glider ops negligence.

    Check your email for the original announcement and the version we received in Pennsylvania Wing Civil Air Patrol.

  9. I saw your story about the CAP Morphine Pilot who injected himself mid flight and killed his passenger and the most recent one about how they covered up that CAP was involved in the Deatsville glider crash. You are correct when you point out that CAP blows lying smoke to the press and public and that only a few find out later through the nstb/faa reports what really happened. I was a member of Civil Air Patrol down in St Petersburg in the 1980s. The BS story fed to the press about the McKnight crash on August 13 1989 was exposed a year later in the final ntsb report. CAP’s deceit angers me.

  10. Secrecy is only legitimate if it truly protects the lives of our CAP volunteer/paid members or information critical to the national security. It shouldn’t be used as a tool to avoid accountability from Congress, the USAF or the public.

  11. Signs of a CAP: Corrupt and Perverse organization

    * No transparency

    * Hidden political agendas

    * Governed by a code of silence and secrecy

    * Selective/unfair enforcement

    * Widespread cover ups and lack of accountability

    * Misconduct is not punished

    * Whistle blowers are defamed and terminated

    * Exaggerated awards programs

    * Aggressive recruitment with poor retention

    * Leadership backstabbing each other through minions

  12. To be fair with the truth –

    Cindy McCain developed a drug addiction after the Keating Five Scandal and two back surgeries that same year. The problem was that she committed fraud through her charity AVMT (American Voluntary Medical Team) which kept a ready supply of OTC pain medications and prescriptions for narcotic painkillers Vicodin, Percocet and Tylenol 3.

    McCain started taking narcotics for herself, and had John Max Johnson make out prescriptions for the charity in the names of three AVMT employees who did not know their names were being used.

    That led to a DEA investigation and her public confession and that is probably what led to her removal from Civil Air Patrol

  13. There is some damning evidence that current CAP and USAF players are really not that serious about investigating and outing the surviving weenie & bully candidates that have taken reputations or time or property from others.

    The first is Stephen Governale. In early October of 2012, the headline read “FBI searching for more sex victims in Civil Air Patrol”. Wowzers! That would indicate Law Enforcement was truly serious about getting members to report into a system of cross-referenced cases.

    The second is that, in contrast to the case with Governale, the DOD, OSI and FBI have never made a similar overture to the people manipulated or threatened by Civil Air Patrol members in the manner of “a mafia” as suggested by the CAP National Employee who posted on SkyGraffiti in 2009. Even CAP’s own confessions in the MARB/MARP reports that were made public failed to motivate this inquiry. For those in the know, calling it a mafia is dead-on and the truth will eventually come out.

    If AuxBeacon and the others has been successful in blocking the progress of some CAP gangsters, then you can conclude that those who are advancing and lobbying at the awards ceremonies are the very ones who have been anonymously feeding material to these outlets to take out their competition.

    But we know, and now so does AuxBeacon, that the ones who remain standing are also just as compromised. There are recorded and photographed complaints that have been filed and the outcomes are TBD.

    Any BoG member advancing any CAP National, Region or Wing commander from the past 20 years is, unfortunately, setting themselves up to be exposed for not having carefully vetted their convenient candidates.

    All of the CAP video, audio, and text evidence we had has been fed here to AuxBeacon. That is why, even tho AuxB and other CAP news outlets will quickly see how they were used by manipulators, they may still release this warning for the benefit of all.

  14. I am sick and tired of what I have encountered in the culture of Civil Air Patrol. Like the women allegedly terrorized at National, sharing my details would expose me, but maybe I can help in another way. The Texas Killer CAP Cadet story doesn’t appear on your site, so you might not know about it or you don’t think it helpful to your case. If not, you can ignore this and I will understand.

    David Graham and Diane Zamora met at a Civil Air Patrol meeting at Spinks Airport. He excelled and rose to command his Junior ROTC battalion. After a lover’s triangle, they killed Adrianne Jones on Seton Road, left her body and eventually went off to the Air Force Academy and the Naval Academy where they were caught after Zamora confessed to her two roomies.

    The whole mess was described in the book Blind Love: The True Story of the Texas Cadet Murders by Peter Meyer and there is a 2007 Dateline video on youTube and even Wikipedia entries that talk all about it.

    • And I remember that when that happened, National HQ sent a letter to all wing, region and squadron commanders which essentially told everybody that if asked about it, say nothing.

  15. Phoenix Plan | October 3, 2017 at 16:46 | Reply

    The public is at the mercy of the Congress that created this monster and left it without checks & balances. USAF’s hands are tied. Everyone should be getting sick and tired of it all – more and more revelations every day. The rotating board players using the role to pad their CVs have to stop appointing the culturally inbred glad-handers they meet at the conventions.

    What a mess these people have created!

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