CAP Meme of the Week: “Colonel” Ralph Lee Abraham

Civil Air Patrol Memes
Ralph Abraham abuses Air Force style uniform

By Agent Birch | AuxBeacon News Contributor

[Editor’s Note: Agent Birch was the first to send us links and graphics, and pointed out the CAP regulations and 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation federal law violations of Louisiana Gubernatorial Candidate Ralph Lee Abraham. He is also the new commander of Civil Air Patrol’s National Legislative Squadron in Washington, D.C.]

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  1. Abraham Toast | March 10, 2020 at 22:37 | Reply

    Man, you people really took down this POS. Why you no celebrate the victory? Did you all get hospitalized?

    [Link redacted]
    [Link redacted]

  2. I can vote for the incumbent who is an actual graduate of West Point or I can vote for this cheese substitute

  3. “With the cell phone team taking credit for over 90% of the saves now …. from the comfort of their homes …. CAP has to keep grasping at straws. Finding a new relevance, somewhere.”
    – etodd, CAPTalk, Aug 13, 2019

    Why is CAP requesting Congress for appropriations every year to buy more planes and vans we rarely or never use?

    Why do we continue to train members with obsolete DF and ELT equipment when this mission is defunct?

    • Why?
      Because the Civil Air Patrol gets “kickbacks” or how do I say this, it gets “perks” from partners, manufacturers, sponsors, etc. Someones have to pay or provide for CAP’s lavish parties, conferences, 5-star hotel accommodations, airline tickets, gourmet food, gifts, entertainment and more.

      Does the CAP need 560 airplanes?
      No, it does not. It is an absolute waste of tax payer money.

      Why does the CAP bother with DF and ELT training exercises?
      It gives the kids (or cadets) something to do even though they may never use these skills. It is a waste of time and funding. DF/ELT training is better spent on drones, and skills useful to the CAP missions. Cadets under age 18 are not allowed on most missions because of federal/state/local laws as well as insurance liabilities.

  4. How come you never release any stories about Democrats?

    [Admin: We have released stories about Democrats. This one on Civil Air Patrol’s Tom Carper (D-DE) is one example.

    If you have a corruption story about a Civil Air Patrol member or Legislative Member who is an outspoken Democrat, please do send it to us.]

    • Yeah, but that story makes Tom Carper look pretty good to lib[turds]. Why don’t you expose [redacted] Democrats like Kristen Gillibrand who just dropped out of running for president.

      [Admin: In your original question, you didn’t qualify that you were looking for negative stories about democrats. The US Senator’s name is Kirsten Gillibrand, we don’t have any reports that she is a CAP member or a CAP legislative member and we have no supporting evidence that she has done anything wrong. If you want, take some time to rethink and organize your question and when you are ready we will answer your intent for you. If you have a story about a corrupt democrat politician who is using Civil Air Patrol, send it to us.]

  5. Show his boots and blue jeans, you know, for the ladies.

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