CAP Member David Ferrie Found Dead in His Apartment

Civil Air Patrol
CAP Member David Ferrie found dead in his New Orleans apartment.

By AuxBeacon News Staff

On February 22nd 1967 pilot, pedophile and Civil Air Patrol Member David W. Ferrie was found dead in his apartment, shortly after the New Orleans States-Item broke their story of Jim Garrison’s investigation into the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

Ferrie had been a senior pilot with Eastern Airlines until he was fired for homosexual activity on the job.

David Ferrie previously worked as a pilot for Eastern Airlines.

At the time of the Kennedy assassination David Ferrie was a forty-five year old New Orleans resident who was in contact with many of the names linked to the assassination: Lee Oswald, Clay Shaw, Guy Banister, Jack Ruby, and Carlos Marcello. He possessed assorted talents and eccentricities.

In 1993, the PBS program Frontline acquired a group photograph showing David Ferrie and Lee Harvey Oswald together at a Civil Air Patrol activity in 1955. The photograph casts some doubt on Ferrie’s claim that he never knew Lee Harvey Oswald.

David Ferrie (left) and Lee Harvey Oswald (right) at New Orleans Civil Air Patrol in 1955

PBS FRONTLINE revealed that they obtained the photograph from John B. Ciravolo, Jr., of New Orleans. Ciravolo, who identified Ferrie, was also a Civil Air Patrol member in 1955 and says he was in the same unit with Oswald and was standing right in front of him in the photo. Former CAP cadet Tony Atzenhoffer, also of New Orleans, identified Oswald and Ferrie in the photograph.

FRONTLINE located the photographer, Chuck Frances, who says he took the picture for the Civil Air Patrol and that when he was interviewed by the FBI, he told them that Oswald and Ferrie knew each other, but he did not tell them about the photograph.

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