CAP Marketing Chief Quits After 5 Months

Civil Air Patrol Marketing Director
Civil Air Patrol Marketing is a challenge.

By CAP-News | Civil Air Patrol

[Editor’s Note: Members of various CAP social media groups have alerted AuxBeacon to the story that appears on their official cap-news site. The cover art was prepared by a Civil Air Patrol critic, but the story is straight off the official website. We are pointing you to it and saving the content for later reference because so many of Civil Air Patrol’s history stories are too soon destroyed.]

CAP Launches Job Search for Marketing Chief, Names Interim

Civil Air Patrol has launched a nationwide search for a new chief of marketing and strategic communications after the incumbent resigned to accept a role in the banking sector.

Catherine Sivills, who joined CAP five months ago, announced last week at the National Conference in Baltimore she was accepting a marketing position “to lead digital engagement” in the banking industry.

John Salvador, CAP’s chief operating officer, thanked Sivills for “laying the groundwork for CAP to move forward in marketing and communications.”

“While we are sorry to see Catherine leave, we will use the marketing and communications roadmap she developed to professionalize CAP’s efforts in these extremely critical areas. Adopting a robust marketing and communications plan is key to the future success of our organization,” Salvador said.

Salvador said CAP plans to fill the chief’s position before the end of the year.

Meanwhile, Salvador announced the appointment of an interim chief from CAP’s member ranks to serve until a successor for Sivills is selected and in place.

Andrew Oppmann, CAP’s Southeast Region public affairs director until earlier this month, will lead marketing and communications efforts as a part-time, unpaid volunteer, reporting to Salvador. He is not a candidate to replace Sivills.

Oppmann, who worked as a newspaper reporter, editor or executive for 10 media groups in seven states, has been vice president for marketing and communications since 2010 at Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro.

A CAP lieutenant colonel now serving as adviser to the Tennessee Wing commander, he received CAP’s Distinguished Service Award and the Lt. Col. Al Pabon Best in Show Balsem Award for public affairs work during Hurricane Matthew in 2016.

“Lt. Col. Oppmann’s willingness to fill this important role as a volunteer allows CAP to move forward with several key initiatives while we search for a permanent chief,” said Maj. Gen. Mark Smith, CAP’s national commander and CEO. “Like so many of our members do so often, Andrew is answering a call to serve our organization, which we deeply appreciate,” Smith said.

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4 Comments on "CAP Marketing Chief Quits After 5 Months"

  1. The CAP makes this out to be some big, grand event…Wow, giving themselves awards.

    “Public Affairs Officers Recognized for Top 2018 Efforts”

    “Thirty-three public affairs officers from across Civil Air Patrol have been recognized in the organization’s annual [CAP] Balsem Awards competition, held to honor PAOs’ best efforts in publicizing the organization, its members and its missions.”

    [Link Redacted]

  2. Was Sivill another victim of Salvador….

    CrAP’s Salvador Makes Headlines!:

    From the Field:

    “Turns out Salvador was playing around with 4 employees: D. B., K. V., M. H., and A. B..”

    From CAP Insights:

    Full names had been submitted, we changed them to just initials.

    We have had various reports on this sort of thing, from a number of sources. Several of the names above had been mentioned in previous reports – and from different sources.

    If Salvador has some sort of reply to this, we’d be interested in hearing it, but in the realm of the current sexual harassment world, we’d be shocked if he remained in office for any length of time.

    Specifically from me, I have worked in litigation support for more than twenty five years. Nothing really shocks me at this point, and I honestly believe that it is reasonable to think that the accusations are true and correct against Salvador, which is why I am allowing this to be released at this point.

    In the world of Sexual Harassment, I had heard a joke years ago, “It’s sexual harassment if she is not into you.” While it was typically said as a humorous note, I actually took it as deadly serious.

    There is, however one real world example of such a simplified definition of sexual harassment… if the party accused has any managerial or supervisory responsibilities over the accuser… it is, by default, sexual harassment. Now, this would be arguable in court, but in this day and age… good luck with that.

    Salvador is in the hot seat… we are seeing people fall like trees in cutting season.

    It will be interesting to see how this plays out for Salvador, and for CrAP in general.

  3. Smart lady. She got out before the ship sank to the bottom.

  4. Sivills Feb 13th 2019:
    “it’s a marketer’s DREAM to take Civil Air Patrol’s missions for America and communicate them to the world.”

    Robert Bowden Aug 16th 2019:
    “A good friend of hers offered her a DREAM job at a major bank running their marketing department.”

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