CAP History Profiteers: Frank Blazich & Jim Shaw

CAP Col Frank Blazich

By NHOY | AuxBeacon News Contributor

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To AuxBeacon Staff,

Frank Blazich not only states that Jim Shaw, the National Curator is a thief, but Blazich wants to personally profit off CAP history artifacts. This is against CAP regulations and CAP’s tax exempt status. As of 2019, one of Blazich’s top priorities in CAP history has been to reproduce and sell CAP insignia’s, patches, etc. The question is, is he pocketing any of the profits???


Subject: NHOY…now official

From: Frank Blazich, Thu, Jul 26, 2012 at 7:48 PM
To: Mark Hess (TeamCAP)


Well, IF I become National Curator, my primary focus will be getting the documents to a suitable archive and the artifacts to the USAF Museum. The latter will entail getting the CAP exhibit back on display, albeit redesigned for factual accuracy (none of this “sank U-boats” crap). That archives I would love to pass on to OSU (since Earle Johnson was an OSU grad) but I would want them in accessible on campus, not off campus. Plus money would be needed to have everything properly digitized. The upshot is I have direct access to the top librarians and the OSU president to make that happen relatively quickly.

I paid for the OHWG Wing Staff patches out of pocket and got reimbursed. Hell, I’ve sold all but 9 at this point and the wing turned a tiny profit (around $200) on them. I want to get the CP-14 patch recreated and sell them for profit, but that will be a slow process. The wing has been slow as shit trying to copyright the image and I’m still harassing folks about that. I may just say fuck it and have a small batch made up on my own to raise funds for my work specifically. I have the image to have the patches made, so it would be something to build money I can draw directly from for my work (as opposed to my own pocket all the time).

Granted, if I became national curator, it cuts off HF from all the items Shaw gets/steals. That organization needs to just be liquidated and a new one created that is run formally and orderly. HF is nothing but a complete shame from the start. Is it even really needed? If NHQ had a full-time historian, he/she could be the clearing house for money and artifacts working directly with the USAF and the AU library. That would be ideal.

Much obliged on the help on the group patches. I figure if they are cleaned up (and I sucked trying to add in the particular details on group 4…if you look at the B&W images I sent, you can see there should be a few more details). All the same, they will look tight embroidered and I think I can get the Group commanders to adopt them quickly. The patches would be embroidered but mostly sold for profit more than anything else…granted, the money would go to the OHWG coffers, which are barren. Funny, using a historian to generate money for the wing? Shocking.


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