CAP Colonel Celeste Gamache, the 80s Called

COWG Celeste Gamache
COWg Commander Celeste Gamache seeks political office

By Pastor Blastor | AuxBeacon News Contributor

I thought you had a story up about our Civil Air Patrol Colorado Wing Commander: Celeste Gamache, aka Gamer Gamache and Mustache Gamache. I’m lookin’ for it now and its not here. Here’s the dope.

Celeste Gamache was a 2014 Republican candidate for District 9 of the Colorado House of Representatives. She lost. She also ran unsuccessfully for the same seat back in 2012.

She thinks she can use Civil Air Patrol leadership and community service roles to increase her chances of winning a political office. We’ve seen this modus operandi out the yin-yang with Susan Pamerleau and others.

In late October of 2012, the website coloradopols did a story on Gamache that read, in part, as follows:

Just because Gamache has the potential to be a great candidate, however, doesn’t mean that she knows what she’s doing. Take, for example, the campaign commercial she released on the web a few months ago. That is to say we think it’s a campaign commercial and not Gamache’s entry to an 80’s video dating service.

…Gamache appears in a little box surrounded by a neon green background. Here’s a piece of advice for anybody ever making a commercial, political or otherwise: Do not use neon colors. In hindsight, they were barely cool in the 80s and they’re certainly not cool now.

Surrounded by her campaign logo, her website url, and a cell phone number, it’s almost impossible not to mistake Gamache’s spiel for a dating video. She introduces herself as “running for state representative in House District 9,” but it’s just as easy to imagine Gamache saying that she’s “looking for a life partner who she can talk to deep into the night and have fun with.”

In her defense, Gamache’s 84 year old campaign manager probably thought this was a really groundbreaking use of cutting-edge technology. It certainly was when she was in her fifties!

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