CAP Board of Governors as Lily White as Maryland 1957

2019 CAP Board of Governors
2019 CAP "ALL White" Board of Governors

By Selma | AuxBeacon News Contributor

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To AB Editors,

The CAP Board of Governors has no Hispanics, no African Americans, no Asians, no people of color even though Latinos are the biggest minority in the United States. African Americans lost the ground they gained under Maj Gen Charles Carr, with one African American board member compared to zero in the past few years.

With an ALL white majority, the CAP Board of Governors (BoG) is far from reflecting the racial diversity of the Civil Air Patrol. Whites make up 100 percent of the BoG.

At the recent National Conference in Baltimore, Maj Gen Mark Smith and his executive staff had an heavy emphasis on diversity, but where is the diversity he professes??? I think we can all agree that it wouldn’t hurt Maj Gen Mark Smith if he signed up for a little diversity training. However, repeat after me: It doesn’t change the behavior of those in power.

The same can be said for the lack of diversity on the 2019 CAP National Cadet Advisory Council (NCAC).

And the same can be said for the lack of diversity on the 2019 CAP Cadet Spaatz Association.

It’s important for the CAP membership and general public — particularly people who might never have had to experience racism — to understand that it’s hurtful and deliberately “offensive.” This harks back to anti-black sentiment and efforts to depict some groups, especially people of color, as “ghetto trash” who are not part of the whole — they are “the other.”

This leads me to briefly discuss the story on Larry Julian’s racist Facebook remarks. His blatant attack on African Americans and the Democrats were hurtful while the CAP BoG and Maj Gen Mark Smith turned a blind eye. Julian still holds his position as the southeast region chief of staff.

And I cannot forget Richard Greenwood’s deliberate attack on African American Army veteran Capt. Michael Bell. Bell had legitimate concerns of discrimination and racist remarks by the Georgia wing commander, Col. Richard Greenwood. To protect his six, he quickly trumped up false charges on Bell with a year-long termination process. This unnecessary stress added to his injuries he acquired during the Iraq war. This helped accelerate his untimely death. No disciplinary action was ever taken against Greenwood and the CAP “white boys” who targeted him.

It is very painful for people of color, many of whom have experienced Julian, Greenwood and others, to hear the CAP Board of Governors ignore our plights. Clearly, from the photos, African Americans are NOT welcome at the upper echelons of the Civil Air Patrol. Instead, we want this story to shine a light on that pain.


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2019 CAP “ALL White” Board of Governors

• Mr. Robert E. Corsi, Jr., Vice Chairman
• Lt Gen James K. McLaughlin, USAF (Ret.)
• Maj Gen Sandra Finan, USAF (Ret.)
• Brig Gen Kenneth P. Ekman

• Col J. Bradford Lynn, CAP, Chairman
• Col Curtis Boehmer, CAP, Member-at-Large
• Lt Col Thomas Vreeland, CAP, Member-at-Large
• Col Dale Newell, CAP, Member-at-Large

• Mr. George Perry, United Parcel Service
• Ms. Stacey Bechdolt, VP, Safety & Operations/Regulatory Counsel, Regional Airline Association
• Ms. Martha King, Co-Founder and Co-Chair, King Schools Inc.

• Maj Gen Mark E. Smith, CAP Chief Executive Officer
• Col Mark A. Wootan, CAP-USAF Commander

• Mr. John Salvador, CAP Chief Operating Officer

8 Comments on "CAP Board of Governors as Lily White as Maryland 1957"

  1. Transcadet | March 3, 2021 at 13:04 | Reply

    I think it is time the Civil Air Patrol walk the talk and select a transgender to be the next national commander after Smith exits this year. This would prove the CAP is as diverse as it claims.

  2. The only one missing on the board is Richard Greenwood. He is an ideal fit with his “white” ideology. See link below to prove my point…

    [Link Redacted]

  3. Unfortunately, I believe many (or even most) of us in the non-profit sector have stories like the one you describe (not to minimize how awful it is!). Board conflicts, self serving leadership, unethical practices, milking funds, racial inequalities, whistleblower reprisals and on it goes. We have a long road ahead of us to overcome what are more pervasive problems than some want to admit.

    Politicians, non-profits need causes to thrive, that is how they milk money from the naive. These parasites are co-dependent in the Political, Economic and Social arena. Anyone who believes and supports these crooks are also part of the problem.

    If you are inclined to be generous with your time and money, find a better, ethical non-profit organization close to home. You will thus avoid supporting a class of parasites made up of Jet setting, crooked self-promoters, a mix of politicians and fraudsters who will always take care of their own selfish agenda first.

    Colonel Mark “Woot” Wootan is Commander, Civil Air Patrol-U.S. Air Force, Maxwell Air Force Base, AL. In this position, he provides Air Force advice, assistance, liaison and oversight to the Civil Air Patrol, a non-profit, federally supported, public benefit corporation congressionally chartered as the official auxiliary of the Air Force. CAP has approximately 60,000 members throughout the United States, Puerto Rico and several overseas Air Force installations. CAP-USAF operates from 50 locations nationwide, providing oversight of CAP’s 1,500 units and fleet of 550 light aircraft. Before this assignment Col Wootan was the U.S. Senior Defense Official and Defense Attaché to the Czech Republic.

    Col Wootan received his commission upon graduating from the Air Force ROTC program at the University of Arkansas in 1991. He completed pilot training in 1996 graduating as his class’ Top Lobo. He has flown a variety of aircraft and served as an Air Force exchange officer to the U.S. Navy as a Naval Flight Instructor. He flew combat missions in Operations IRAQI FREEDOM, ENDURING FREEDOM, NOBLE ANVIL, Joint Task Force Horn of Africa, and NORTHERN WATCH, and led the Defense Intelligence Agency’s sole combat aircraft program in Pakistan
    and Afghanistan. Col Wootan is an Air Force Foreign Affairs Officer with tours in Pakistan and Czech Republic. His non-USAF and Foreign awards received include the Czech Republic Army’s Merit of Order (Legion of Merit), Nebraska Air National Guard’s Legion of Merit, Czech Republic Military Police’s Commendation Medal, and Pakistan Air Force Command Pilot wings.

    Col Wootan and his wife Diane have two grown children…

  5. DronesWorkers | October 4, 2019 at 02:17 | Reply

    Almost as if in response to this post showing the tighty-whitey leadership of the CrAP Board of Governors, the org. came out with their lower level member diversity report. Our workers and drones are so much more diverse, we are told. How stupid do these people think we are?

    [link redacted]

  6. Who is the CrAP token standing in a braceup?

  7. Typical right wing gleeful sadism.

  8. Good story.

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