AuxBeacon Picture of the Day No. 2

Catholic Priest

By AuxBeacon News Staff

The picture of the day is the Blessing of the CAP Middle East Region Aircraft Fleet Ceremony conducted by a Catholic Priest on April 24th 2016.

“Father Jan Dolny, a Roman Catholic priest from the Central Virginia Catholic Cluster, sprinkles holy water on one of the many Civil Air Patrol aircraft on the ramp at Blackstone Army Airfield. Beside him is Chaplain, Lt Col Timothy Miner, acting Virginia Wing chaplain and organizer of CAP’s first Blessing of the Fleet ceremony,” according to the CAP Volunteer magazine.

The Civil Air Patrol has a non-denominational Chaplain program that is supposed to serve without prejudice and to be respectful to other faiths. Chaplains are required to be respectful of people from all faiths and those with no faith allegiance, especially in a secular or pluralistic setting.

We received this picture and comment today. Thank you for your contribution.

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