AuxBeacon Picture of the Day No. 11

AuxBeacon Picture of the Day

By AuxBeacon News Staff

[Editor’s Note: Attention Star Garnet Gems, we understand your frustration. Please send information again along with evidence if you want your story verified and published.]

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  1. was told about this site and how to post comments and protect my id this weekend. ill give it a try. lots of good stuff here thats spot on. had an encouter from a wing staff guy that was insane.

    got a call saturday to put “the squadron on alert and get ready to go”. my first thought was finally a real mission and that would help morale. so i asked an apparently fatal question of “what is the misson” and i was told to just get ready. i am not spiteful by nature but i just wanted more details so i could give our cadets and seniors real info.

    I was told there is flooding in california and nevada and utah and we are on alert. I asked what agency and where would we be going and what stuff do we need to have ready. bad move. i was told that my job that i agreed to when i signed up in cap was to follow orders. questions are apparently not allowed. so i played along.

    I said i would get the squadron alerted and we would get all our gear and our 72 hour packs and would rally at the squadron building. our cadets would be able to miss school and some seniors could miss work and we would be loaded and ready to go at first light monday. then the staff idiot backed off and started to give me a hard time. he said to just alert them. no mission no task no agency no idea where just be on alert. what an ass.

    so now i am told by the wing idiiot that because of my attitude i would never see oak leaves and he would persohally look into any member from our unit who wanted awards or special activities. he threatened me for being not a team player and said he would report me up the chain for my poor attitude.

    is this what cap has become? false alerts intmidation? he said region didn’t want to promote people like me who were not solid behind cap. like i live for a promotion? i am in this for my kid and to help others. all of this fakery just makes me realize what a joke it all is. when my kid loses interest i am gone, promoted or not.

  2. Rocky Mountain wilting flower | January 31, 2017 at 00:29 | Reply

    Thanks to auxbeacon for opening my eyes. I have carefully been listening to what “leaders” in my organization now say. To the credit of our wing and region commanders and their vice commanders, I believe they actually believe most of the bulls#!t they spew. The sad part is that new members (which is most of the audience in today’s CAP) buy into it. Until they fact check it and quit. Ever wonder why there are so few in the middle? Those that stay (like me) hope for change or have noses buried deep. The new recruits just have not figured it out yet.

    This weekend I listened to a wing commander just lie. He has made so many promises and told so many blatant lies that I really think he believes what he says is true. I asked him privately during a break and I guess my CAP career will go no further. He was actually livid that a lowlife such as I would press for details. He said my job is to just do my job and follow command. When I pointed out the regulation said opposite to his speech, he basically told me to stuff it. He was right. He had wrong facts and wrong regulation guidance.

    When I told him I was going to contact Tom Kettell the region commander, I was told to go ahead. Kettell backed commanders and telling fibs was not a complaint offense. So I did reach out to a vice commander and was chewed out for not following my chain of command and that now, I would be investigated.

    Be careful out there everybody. Your commanders can lie. They believe their lies and their commanders will close ranks and you will be told to shut up or they will make you go away.

    Criticism is not tolerated. If you ask questions or challenge the wing or region kings, you are now insubordinate and they WILL toast you.

    So much for integrity. You must have it, but your commanders apparently have no need to follow what the unwashed masses must comply with. Different rules!!!

  3. CAP’s Tom Kettell is required to treat information he received in the IG role as protected communications. He has access to numerous complaints and evidence submitted from the men in Idaho as well as HI, GA and FL. So, what does the Vazquez and Myrick led organization do to cover its tracks after being exposed by cadets?

    Tom Kettell will take over as CAP Rocky Mountain Region CC on 17 Jan 2017.

    Kettell was brought in to be the threatening cover-up/cleaner in that Region.

    These men will be exposed along with the Wing Commanders.

  4. Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear.

  5. One other thought. The new region commander is who we now fear. we once thought he was on our side as IG but we learned just the opposite. Now he’s in command and has seen all the confidential material anyone in Idaho Wing has submitted. Even if no formal IG investigation happened, he knows who said what and we now fear that we said anything to anyone in CAP.

    It really is that bad here in Idaho. Several people have been told they will lose their NHQ jobs they love and pilots are told if they talk they will never fly a CAP plan again. In short, we are told to shut up and just salute. This is no longer a very fun wing to be a part of, especially with our new commander.

  6. Several of us would love to send you emails and hard evidence. What you don’t understand is the intense scrutiny and threat level in Idaho Wing. We are threatened with investigations, even into made-up charges that would damage our reputations and affect our day jobs.

    Don’t think that we feel CAP is a waste. It’s a good program. It’s riddled with leaders who are dishonest. At every turn we are watched. If we mention this website we are interviewed as to “why” we know about such anti-CAP websites. We are told that the future of CAP can be damaged if we talk. Our kids in the program are threatened with 2b and some of us even fear friends who are asked to leak information.
    It’s not getting better.

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