AuxBeacon Chain Achieves Stealth Results

Cadet Basrawi changes his FB profile and cover layout to comply with CAP regulations.
Cadet Basrawi changes his FB profile and cover layout to comply with CAP regulations.

By Anonymous | AuxBeacon News Reader

[Editor’s Note: While AuxBeacon editors were away at conferences and summer vacation travel, we received multiple comments alerting us to the fact that Joe Basrawi changed his Facebook profile and cover photo combination. One of the comments appears to be from the individual who anonymously reported the abuse of the uniform to us. This is the one we choose to highlight here. Readers can find the other comments on the story as they are reviewed and released.]

Hey, good news! This afternoon [August 6th 2018] around 4:00 PM Eastern Time political weasel Joe Basrawi changed his Facebook page to be in compliance with Civil Air Patrol regulations. Bas doesn’t get to operate above other CAP members by wearing his ABUs in front of images of political rallies.

Civil Air Patrol

Using Air Force ABUs to advance politics and position at Turning Point USA

This means that anyone can anonymously report abuses to AuxBeacon and know for a fact that our corrupt commanders, their boot-licking Inspector Generals and the self-serving Board of Governors will become fully aware of the violation. If no change happens, then they are revealed as complicit and can be held fully accountable by your editors and your readers. They can no longer hide behind CAP regulations that previously prevented members from communicating Civil Air Patrol corruption to the BOG members.

• No more plausible deniability.
• No more dragging out investigations to stress-out the whistle-blower.
• No more dragging out investigations to discredit the whistle-blower.
• No more reprisals against members who report fraud, waste and abuse.

BOG Members Civil Air Patrol

Members of Civil Air Patrol’s Board of Governors include, sitting from left, CAP Col. Jayson Altieri, vice chair; retired U.S. Air Force Lt. Gen. Judy Fedder, chair; CAP Col. Dale Newell; standing, retired Air Force Maj. Gen. Sandy Finan, Stacy Bechdolt, CAP Lt. Col. Tom Vreeland, retired Air Force Maj. Gen. Teresa Marné Peterson, Robert Corsi and CAP Col. Brad Lynn.

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5 Comments on "AuxBeacon Chain Achieves Stealth Results"

  1. Crystal Clanton, who resigned after serving as the group’s second-highest official for five years, at first declined to comment. “I’m no longer with Turning Point and wish not to be a part of the story,” Clanton told me over e-mail. Later, in a second e-mail, she said, “I have no recollection of these messages and they do not reflect what I believe or who I am and the same was true when I was a teenager.”

  2. CAP Watch List | August 18, 2018 at 03:36 | Reply

    I’ve encountered Civil Air Patrol cadets who are incredibly naive and some who are very deeply brainwashed. I don’t like this Turning Point USA Professor Watch List tactic one bit.

    “Since 2016, Turning Point USA has maintained a Professor Watchlist that lists college professors it alleges discriminate against conservative students and advance leftist propaganda in the classroom. The organization has also secretly attempted to influence student government elections in an effort to combat liberalism on college and university campuses.”

    Back in December 2017, former employees of the organization accused it of engaging in racist practices, as well as potentially illegal involvement in the 2016 presidential election.

    I figure cadets who were taught falsehoods in their religious instructions or homeschooling are reacting against professors teaching them the history that goes against all that. What do you think?

    If you publish this comment, I will provide more information.

  3. Textron (Cessna), USAA, Beechcraft, Vanguard, Air Sure, BP Air, Servis.

  4. DairyAir Patrol | August 10, 2018 at 19:53 | Reply

    Wow, he actually had to change it. Good job with the follow up and catching the date he made the change.

  5. RogersTrackers | August 8, 2018 at 22:38 | Reply

    Did Bas unfriend your informant? That’s a shame. I’ll watch him for you.

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