Another Civil Air Patrol (CAP) Pedophile Exposed

CAP Flight Instructor Roderick Beaumont
CAP Flight Instructor Roderick Beaumont

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[Editor’s Note: Two readers have alerted us to this story that came out in the Mirror and other sources today. U.S. Congress needs to act on all the evidence being gathered here.]

Paedophile who fled UK after admitting sick crime ‘found in Mexico trying to buy props to teach yoga to kids’

by Keith McLeod |

Self-styled motivational guru Roderick Beaumont, 60, was due to be sentenced when he fled the country. At Airdrie Sheriff Court last October, Beaumont, originally from Dundee, admitted grooming a boy on social media – but he failed to appear for sentencing in December and disappeared abroad.

The court heard the former airline pilot, who describes himself as a “global coach”, caught a flight from Edinburgh to Albania with £9,000.

He has allegedly been tracked down in Mexico trying to buy yoga props used for teaching kids.

[One] victim spoke of being abused in the US in the 1980s, saying: “Mr Beaumont lived here and was commissioned as a captain in the local Civil Air Patrol Squadron.

He told everyone he was a pilot in the Royal Air Force and they gave him an equivalent rank based on his story.

There was a youth component to CAP and I was awarded cadet of the year.

Mr Beaumont was a certified flight instructor and free lessons were part of my award.

Mr Beaumont has several pilot licenses, including multi-engine and commercial ratings.

He began abusing me while acting as my flight instructor. Everyone thought Mr Beaumont was the greatest.

He rented a home from my parents, got me a job at a local flight school and was the contact for a class I was taking in high school.

I was afraid everyone’s world would fall apart if I said anything.

I used to give blood a lot to get screened for HIV. This was the 80s and the AIDS scare was a big deal because of the epidemic.

I didn’t want to anyone to think I was gay either so there was a big secrecy thing.”

[Another] victim said: ”Thirty years ago, Mr Beaumont conned his way into a youth organization, where he met me.

While he befriended my family, friends and teachers from my school, he sexually abused me.

The adults I confided in could not believe Mr Beaumont was capable of such things.

My horror resulted in self-harming and prescription drug abuse. I suffered terrible migraines and abused my prescriptions to numb the pain.”

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