Andrea Van Buren Named as Southeast Region Commander

Al Bedgood, Richard Greenwood, Andrea Van Buren,James Rushing
Bad Actors flock together... Col Al Bedgood, Col Richard Greenwood, Col Andrea Van Buren, Col James Rushing

By CAP Volunteer News

Col Andrea Van Buren has been named the Southeast Region’s next commander, succeeding Col Barry Melton, who has held the post since June 2015. Van Buren will take command of the six-wing region at the National Conference in August. She has been Georgia Wing commander since April 2017.

“Col Van Buren has served in numerous leadership roles throughout her service in CAP, and we are confident she will continue her efforts to support and grow the mission of our organization as the region commander for the Southeast Region,” said Maj Gen Mark E. Smith, Civil Air Patrol national commander and CEO.

Before assuming command of the Georgia Wing she served as its vice commander and chief of staff. Before that, she commanded the wing’s Peachtree-DeKalb Senior Squadron. She has been a Civil Air Patrol member since October 2000…

Since July 2015 Van Buren has been an aviation insurance broker with Lance Toland Associates in Atlanta, specializing in placing insurance coverage for airports, aircraft, fixed based operators, products manufacturers, aircraft hangars and aviation workers’ compensation.

I am pleased to announce that I have selected Colonel Andrea Van Buren to become the next commander of the Southeast Region. Her change of command with Colonel Barry Melton will be conducted at the national conference in Baltimore. Colonel Van Buren was selected from a pool of highly qualified candidates, and I want to thank the other individuals who applied for the position.

Colonel Van Buren has served with distinction in many leadership positions within CAP, to include her current role as the Georgia Wing Commander. Furthermore, her successful career in the aviation safety field will bring additional professional and diverse experience to the CSAG. I am confident that Colonel Van Buren will be an ideal successor to Colonel Melton, helping the Southeast Region to continue their track record of superior performance.

Colonel Melton has excelled as a region commander. I am thankful for his excellent, yet humble leadership. He has set a standard of excellence that the rest of us can emulate. Please take the opportunity to thank and congratulate him on his job well done.

Thanks for all you do.

Major General Mark E. Smith, CAP
Chief Executive Officer/National Commander
(C) [Redacted]
U.S. Air Force Auxiliary

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1 Comment on "Andrea Van Buren Named as Southeast Region Commander"

  1. Currently, the worst of the worst, is Barry Melton, the previous SER Commander, his pet Richard Greenwood and a former annoyance Al Bedgood, the crybabies who begged for eagles to wear on their uniforms.

    Just from a very basic glance over just whom is serving on Southeast Region Staff, we find the incredibly disturbing fact that well over 80% of the staff people are Pure Pineda slime!

    Not to get things wrong, you have some EXCELLENT people on the Staff who are a blessing to the cause, but they are likely hamstrung by the cancer cells festering at the top of the food chain. About 80% of the staff are cancer cells.

    And the crap just rolls downhill from there. The largest population of Civil Air Patrol members live in the Southeast Region, the Southeast Region staff is chock full of – oh, how do we say it nicely? Ass kissers.

    Andrea has a lot on her plate.

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