Advisory Issued for New York Wing Civil Air Patrol

Civil Air Patrol's New York Wing
New York State has new Look Back Law

By Juliet Green | AuxBeacon News Contributor

[Editor’s Note: A reader alerts former Civil Air Patrol members to an important change in New York state law.]

Your website reported the 2016-2017 case of Air Force Colonel Andrew Green who was arrested for grooming and third-degree raping a female under the age of 17 in a Syracuse-area town. Many former Civil Air Patrol cadets were sexually abused but these cases were cleverly concealed using threats of shunning from the Civil Air Patrol and Air Force community. If this happened to you in the past, and you are no longer leaning on the cult of Civil Air Patrol for support, there is news for you. New York state and others are easing the statute of limitations for the filing of a civil lawsuit against perpetrators of child sex abuse.

Our state’s new groundbreaking Child Victims Act provides those victims who were sexually abused as a child with a one year “lookback window” to file a civil lawsuit. This is irrespective of the victim’s current age or how much time has elapsed since the offense. This one year window opened at 12:01 a.m. Wednesday August 14th 2019.

“The average age, according to the best science, of a victim coming forward about child sex abuse is age 52,” states Marci Hamilton, founder of the child abuse advocacy group Child USA.

Eighteen states and Washington, D.C. now have revised statute laws taking effect this year.

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  1. The Civil Air Patrol cadets are a magnet for men who want to have sexual relations with children. Pedophiles join the Civil Air Patrol for a simple reason: it’s where the boys are and the Civil Air Patrol is known for giving pedophiles a free pass while those in Congress who support the CAP, look the other way. A recent case, Stephen Governale spent over 15 years molesting male cadets at CAP events in Florida wing. That was AFTER the 1993 testimony provided by CAP’s Thomas A. Handley. Look it up on C-SPAN.

    [link redacted]

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