21FairChild: Legislative Week’s Air Patrol Investigations

Civil Air Patrol Legislative Week Investigator Series
Civil Air Patrol Legislative Week Investigator Series

By 21FairChild | AuxBeacon News Contributor

[Editor’s Note: This comment was different and if not a confession, perhaps tongue-in-cheek humor? Who can tell us? In our opinion the real value of the piece comes at the end to show the evidence that some news outlets have been more accommodating to CAP than others in omitting Civil Air Patrol’s name from reports of unsafe behavior and child molestation. Thank you for your contribution, we think.]

Good articles right before Legislative Week on why CAP should either fold or stick with clean G/PG-rated public life people in a program involving youth education. However, what con-sensually takes place between adults of legal age and not in a chain of supervisory command within our private Seattle-Tacoma bedrooms, basements or in the Dungeon of Mistress Ruby is none of CAP parent business. I mean as long as we don’t post photos of our leather sessions in common CAP social media, right? Seriously, can I get an Amen?

I will say that I was just a little surprised that one CAP Junior Birdman offered the Prizzi’s Honor defense that “CAP doesn’t have that many sex offenders, if you consider the size of the population.”

Your editors could have pointed out a few more names that, maybe due to haste, were not included in that author’s story?

ARCHER program developer CAP Lt Col John C. Kershenstein:

Lt Col Stephen Governale: a former MacDill AFB CENTCOM and David Petraeus employee who was a reservist but highly involved with Civil Air Patrol activities through that position and his prurient interest.

Now one really CrEEPY CrAAPY thing is that all 4 of the following articles describe the Civil Air Patrol in which Lt Col Governale met and played with his victims only as “an organization affiliated with the military.” Civil Air Patrol’s name is mentioned in other outlets that are less inclined to favor CAP in the concealment.

Examples with Civil Air Patrol Name Redacted





Civil Air Patrol Name Fully Revealed


One other thing, can I get an Amen for

Former CAP Maj Nikki_Kay22?:

She’s a total foxy PARA-MILITARY-MILF and, if outside of CAP activities, could legally offer filming opportunities to Civil Air Patrol cadets from broken homes who are turning 18, right? Or would that that be wrong? Your THOTs?

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